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    Hi mates!
    Did not write here for a while. So I worried to show my new split. Don’t wanna be called a show-off … But I think we’re all show-off’s if we show our boards. Aren’t we? 😀

    After several years with good experiences and wonderful runs on a 2006 Abacus it was time for a new one. Again it is an …

    Arbor Abacus 164
    Splitted by Wildschnee
    Inserted edges on the cutedges between the Yin&Yang-Hooks
    Overlapping pucks (my specialty …)
    Burton-style Yin&Yang-Hooks (milled)
    Snoli-Inserts for less damage of the core

    For more informations please ask user “burton” – he is the master of splitting boards! :bow:

    Arbor Abacus Splitboard by Wildschnee von – Photography auf Flickr

    Actually I planned to ride it in the Kootenay’s in February, together with “InTheMountains”. But too bad, things happen … I had to cancel the trip. Keep fingers crossed for next season.

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    I’m a fellow Arbor junkie and I love my split AFrame (thanks Monk!), the Abacus would be sweet as a splitty.
    Very cool how burton uses the existing inserts for puck-mounting. Have any pics of the base?
    Burton, why did you opt for the Burton yin-yangs instead of Voile’s?
    Looks good :thumpsup:

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    base looks and feels perfect.

    we prefer the yin&yang-hooks because they are (in our humble opinion) more durable. they don’t wear out as much as the voilé split hooks. the board stays significant stiffer for a longer time.

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    Hey Jogi your board looks good. Where in Germany are you? Where are the good places to ride? I’m here for a few weeks in Germany. I had a few days off and went down to Garmisch one day and Innsbruck in Austria the next. If I have time I would like to get out again, too bad I didn’t bring my splitboard though so it will have to be a resort. Anywhere to go close to Kaiserslautern?

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    hi rob, my base is too far away from the mountains and far away from Kaiserslautern (KL), sorry.
    but don’t hesitate to ask at … you can even ask in english! no worries. the guys there may help you.
    from KL you can drive either down to switzerland, i.e. andermatt (~530 km), grindelwald, muerren (~500 km), davos (~530 km).
    or if you prefer austria, I can highly recommend the whole arlberg (stuben, st. anton (~490 km)) or the montafon (silvretta nova/st. gallenkirch (480 km)) to you.

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    Thanks for the info Jogi, if I get to go again it will only be a day trip so the 1000km+ roundtrips are out. I already did more than that going to Garmisch and Innsbruck.

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    wayv … burton jing jang are fix no rotation – all things they are in rotation be come air and beginns to wubbel


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    first time I’ve seen these up close, so clean

    How do you insert these and do you use them for the skinning bracket and risers?

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