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    Thought I’d post a few pics from a recent trip report in the Oregon cascades a week or so back. Scratching out turns has been difficult this winter given one of the worst snowpacks on record. I blame the forum conversion on this year’s shitty winter:) Nevertheless, I headed out to a spot near Willamette Pass with my skier buddy Dan called the Twins. Not really a destination, given a long 3.5-4 mile slog in over 1600 vertical, but the backside bowls are short and fun. Turning off Highway 58 we were greeted with bare pavement where the road would normally be closed due to a large snowbank…

    Rain turned to snow a few miles up the road, and by the time we reached the trailhead there was about a foot of snow roadside. We started skinning up the flat trail, and it was nice to be out in the winter environment once again….

    After a couple of miles of skinning, we intersected the Pacific Crest Trail….

    Every once in awhile I’d look up and in awe of just the beauty of skinning through the forest…

    As we continued skinning, there was about 3-4 inches of fresh snow on top of a sun crust. Soon, we neared the top. We stashed a couple of beers in the snow, converted over to ride mode, and prepared to drop in for the first of many short laps. The snow was about 5 inches deep, and definitely some of the best snow I’d had in awhile. Dan dropped in first, then grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics of me…..

    After a couple of laps, we skinned back up to our waiting beverages, before dropping in for more turns.

    We headed over to the north twin to explore the area and look for some more turns, and found a few good laps, with interesting features. Dan dropping in…

    Accessing the true north bowl proved difficult, as it was surrounded by cliffs. We ended up skinning, then booting into the bowl from the south, and climbed a short, but steep chute of about 50 degrees. Dropping in on the run, Dan snapped a few photos coming down through the crux, which rode really well…..

    This would be our longest run of the day, around a whopping 600 vertical top to bottom, as we rode down through the trees and along the drainage/avy runout path to the flats below.

    Skinning back through the trees felt like hiking though a land of giants….

    After what was our 6th or 7th lap, it was time to head back to the car. We were able to ride the first mile and a half back to the PCT, then it was a split ski show back to the car, where cold beers and good food was waiting. All things considered, the fresh snow was just what I needed after this ugly winter, but left me wanting more and likely having to wait until next year to get it. Whatever the case may be, I’ll be ready the next time the snow flies. Here’s a parting shot from the trip….

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    Pow! Nice, way to get after it. I’m sure you guys will have a stellar season next one. Funky winter, way to keep the stoke alive.

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