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    this is the question thats on my mind for months now.what is the best way to ascend ?any ideas?

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    U know you are on right? Great thread.

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    I’ll help you out, read this thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10347
    Then get back to us.

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    all right i rest my case

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    I was an active user of the k2 ascent skis for years (snowshoes before that), and even converted it over to accept a bare bones soft binding baseplate with just an ankle strap. I finally made the switch to a split this year after getting a taste for it on a borrowed split last year. The approach skis do have some benefit, but only really in certain applications.

    Approach Pros:
    Benefits of skinning fairly quickly (split is still way faster)
    Downhill on solid lighter with VERY slight performance advantage using solid board

    Approach Cons:
    Still carrying 10-12 lbs on your back for the majority of the day while hiking,
    Also carry weight/bulk of skis on downhill. I HATED the approach skis on my back on the downhill .The new MTN skis fold though but cost $800 😯

    Overall, if you are going to hike out to a specific spot to session a booter or natural feature where you’d want the performance of a solid, or are simply looking for a one-run slackcountry outing next to the resort, you’d probably do OK with approach skis. The folding ones do look very good for this type of riding, but at $800 the split makes more sense. That is around the cost of a factory split, so for not too much more you’re at the split cost, or a DIY would be cheaper overall, even adding in the cost of a used board to split. Once you want to do some runs away from the resort, there’s no question a split is the tool of choice.

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    ok lets proceed to what shall I need to split a second board with the Voile kit

    sneeky jesus
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