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    Its a saturday, what else would be we be doin? What are ya a weekend warrior or somethin? :guinness:

    @wasatch surf wrote:

    point is most serious splitboarders(not that i include myself in that category) won’t really be interested in a product like this, but there are 4 times as many bro/bras wanting to ride the slackcountry, teton pass, build booters etc..

    Booters- The only time I can picture myself caring if i’m on a split or solid.

    Which is exactly .01% of the time when i’m in the backcountry, slackcountry or any other country.


    oh, oh, oh,

    More tech gear and things to organize in my pack

    I just need a numerical list of the order of how the most efficient transition should be. :thumpsup:


    OCD fanclub.

    I’ll say it again, just sell me some of those sweet ass hinge clamps. I’ll take care of the rest.


    Not interested..I think they would fail on a long tour. The straps look plastic and cheap. Plus carrying your board on your back with your avy gear, water , etc…whatever. The splutboard concept works because you utilize all the weight for getting where you want to go. If your shit is too heavy try becoming more physically fit. Touring the BC is demanding so being more fit makes sense. As far as performance goes,,there is a difference. Not that much in my opinion. Besides the technology will just get better and better. Anyway I dont like the concept. Thanks but no thanks.—I take no responsibility for this comment—A dog told me to write it


    These make sense to me from a sidecountry aspect particularly when the traverse back involves ups and downs or long flat sections. Using a split in that scenario doesn’t make a great deal of sense particularly when you’ll be skiing a large portion of the day in the resort. Jackson Hole, Kirkwood, Sugar Bowl, etc

    Price point is a killer though.


    I know that there are al lot of pros and cons with approach skis. After my first season of splitboarding (custom split Burton Omen 166) last year, I’ve decided to build myself a pair of approach skis. The main reason for this is that we had a crappy season in europe, and we ended up in nice powder bown, wich only had max 1000 of vertical feet. So we did 3 decenst per day. Tha part wich I found most annoying was removing and applying of the skins.

    I am going to put some pucks on a solid and use the voile interface on the skis. I don’t see the need to carry 2 pairs of bindings.

    My first prototype will fold the skis toward the base opposed to the MTN Approach system.

    But there are blockable hinges available for anyone interested:


    For me those skis are just going to be an alternative depending on conditions, NOT a replacement for my split.



    splitboarding is a bazillion times better. this is pointless accept for mountain climbers I think. I think all of their arguments against a splitboard only apply the first time you go out. once you get your transitions dialed in it’s quick and easy. We do upwards of 5-7 laps in a day on the splitboard, and we can transition almost as quick as AT skiers ( at least the ones that stop for safety meetings). This approach ski thing is just unnecessary weight.


    I did one season on K2 Approach skis – 2000-2001. Back then there were definite performance advantages to a resort board vs. a splitboard (one Voile model available or homemade). Even so I didn’t like it and switched to a split. These new ones solve the skis-wacking-you-in-the-head problem. But they do not solve the issues of a big board on your back throwing off your balance in sketchy climbs and hitting every tree limb possible in treed terrain. Also there were plenty of times when I had both skis and a board on my back when forced to bootpack for various reasons. I had to buy the only pack I could find that could carry skis, a board, poles, and an ice axe… all at the same time. Still have it and use today actually.

Viewing 8 posts - 61 through 68 (of 68 total)
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