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    So I started my new day job working at Apple and I’m defenitely starting to feel the Apple buzz…the products are just so much easier to use!

    Forget the hardboot vs. softboot or splitboard vs. approach ski debates…let’s argue about Apple vs. Microsoft! 😀 😉


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    I like oranges.

    Congrats on the new job. Will you have a boss looking over your shoulder when you’re on the forum?

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    You’ve obviously never tried to use a Mac at altitude…

    Congrats – does that mean you’re in Cupertino now?!?

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    …and I thought you were going to open up a Splitboards-R-Us and sell franchises…..

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    No viruses for Macs…HUGE!

    The Mac interface is more intuitive and the overall design more elegant.

    The main i$$ue IMHO: price! Tho$e machine$ co$t a lot!

    Having said that, I use a PC 95% of the time…and I don’t have a split yet either, so there’s a theme emerging.

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    Word up BCR congrats on the New Gig…Can you hook up the bro deal, I need a 23″ cinema display….

    MAC all the way…It talks nice w/ camera, music player….Split movies are easy as 1..2..3…

    I will never purhase a windows machine again!

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    amen. i knew there were smart people on this forum. osX fanatic, mac all the way since the Mac IIFx. currently using a powerbook g4, 1.5ghz.

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    I’ve never seen anyone using a mac for doing any CAD/CAM work.
    anyone else? Macs are for arteests

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    @mtnrider wrote:

    Macs are for arteests

    They are for geeks too!! 🙂 Well, ever since Mac OS X hit the market. I’m a code (Java + Ruby) monkey (lots of hacker types are also BIG fans of Macs now days) and I love the friendly user interface and all that neat jazz along with the power of unix. yay! Did I mention I like shiny things too?


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    I thought you were a stockbroker.

    Anyway, I’m using a MacBook connected via an Airport wireless router.

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    I’m a cad guy like mtn rider, I’ve never seen anyone doing cad on a mac. I’ve used both, actually used macs when I was a physics major at hamline university, I thought they did just fine. I spend most of my time running solidworks and microsoft office programs. It does make me chuckle that the icons for microsoft office on the mac are quite a bit more stylish than the pc ones. If mac osx is more crash resistant that would be great for cad, I’ve brought my pc to its knees a few times and lost hours of work. Less crashing is more better. If you’re a savvy computer builder you can build a cad work station for about $800, that would be hard to touch on the mac side of things. If mac could corner the cad market like it has cornered the graphics market that could be pretty huge. It’d be a tough sell though, as many of the programs I use in conjunction with cad don’t have a mac version, though I guess now you can run pc programs on the mac. Blah blah blah blah, let’s go make pow turns. There’s plenty of time for computer debate while skinning up 😉

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    Blah blah blah blah, let’s go make pow turns. There’s plenty of time for computer debate while skinning up

    That’s funny shit. 😆 😆 Right on.

    affix snow
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    Mac all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need a new laptop….where should i send the check BCR? 😉

    Dutch Marc
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    Dutch Marc

    ACTC, ACHDS, Apple Product Professional
    Certified Member. Apple Consultants Network

    Hmm what else to say ….

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    Macs rule. At my day job, I write software to make them rule even more in the audio world.

    With the latest Mac Pro and MacBook models, you can now boot into Windows natively as well. I have several friends that do this all the time, and I have heard of at least one guy who uses it *mainly* for running Windows.

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    I am too masochistic to use Mac. I just put linux on a new laptop and it was exquisitely painful. Now I can channel this into scorn for all of you ‘users.’ 🙄

    Dutch Marc
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    Like JimW mentioned, instead of booting in Native windows with Apple BootCamp Still in Beta till next OS X release

    Check out

    Runs Vista RC2 ect coolio !!

    Run Windows & PC Apz in a window !! instead of booting the mac to “The Dark Side” into Windows.

    And all that for $79 !!!

    I love my new mac’s but DAMM the memory is ssoooooo expensive. FB-Dimm 250 or more per 1GB Thats just crazy !!!

    Maybe need to hold of that new splitboard ….. Maybe Not ….

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    I’m in the Elk Grove facility, its anywhere from 40min to 1hr+ each way (sucks).

    No viruses IS huge! Unix = stable and secure….Dos = vulnerable.

    There have been studies done on the price differences too and macs are considered cheaper than windows if you compare similar configured machines, not price points. Other brands have lower price points but once you add everything that already comes standard with a mac….you’ve ended up spending more money. Mac users own their computers longer too (with less problems) so that equates to extra money in your pocket too.

    Can you tell I’m in sales? 😉 (its still all the truth through)

    Thanks man. No bro deals per say but I can be you personal mac consultant to help ensure that you choose the right product and get the most out of the mac experience. 🙂 Ya never know…sometimes we have specials too that aren’t on the Apple Online Store. Shoot me a PM if you’re really looking for a Cine’ display. Are you going to be using extended desktop? 8)

    Great to hear! What are some of your favorite features of OSX and what version are you using? We used the Powerbook g4 in training with Tiger and there are so many basic but cool features in the OS. The more time I spend on it the less time I want to spend on my pc. Some of my favorite little things in the OS are the widgets (so cool), exposé views, tabbed browsing, spotlight, automator, drag and drop everything, and of course the iLife apps for lifestyle stuff. Leopard has even more cool new features and enhancements too. I’ve got my eye on a 17′ MacBook Pro 2.33ghz, 3gb RAM, and a couple pro apps like Aperture and Final Cut Pro. Drool!

    One word…Parallels.

    It lets you run windows on a mac at the same time without having to reboot the machine. You can switch between the two and get all the benefits of a mac but still be able to use you work apps that don’t have mac versions. Some folks even think that windows xp runs better on a mac than natively on a pc. 🙂

    It’s amazing how much thought apple puts into the appearance of their shiny things.

    I have my broker’s license and effected trades for clients but I didn’t give direct advice that way most people think of when they hear the term stock broker. To be honest I wasn’t that crazy about the financial industry. I’m much more excited to be working for apple.

    More crash resistant?…Macs don’t crash. 🙂
    Ps – Parallels.

    Call me if you or your family/friends ever need anything. I can’t give you a discount but I’ll make sure you get what you need and take good care of you.

    Dutch Marc,
    You dam mac man!

    That sounds like the beta version of Boot Camp like marc said.

    Since you’re certified 🙂 , what are the pros and cons of having Windows run natively as opposed to using Parallels?

    Ps. Mac memory is expensive but keep in mind that it’s ECC. Apple also has very high standard for quality in general too.

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    Parallels works pretty well from what I’ve seen. One area where things can get weird is if you need to access hardware (PCI cards etc.). In some of these cases you may need to go the Boot Camp route. Should work fine for most people though who just need to run certain PC apps.

    Dutch Marc
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    BCRIDER Q = what are the pros and cons of having Windows run natively as opposed to using Parallels?

    Parallels will give you the advantage of running the Guest OS ( Win XP – Vista – Linix etc ) in a windows while you’re in the Mac OS environment.

    Running it native might give you a slight speed advantage, but only if you’re macPro does not have native VM support ( VM support is build in the Xeon CPU for instance MacPro )

    In the Next OS X release “Leopard: bootcamp will out of beta and run in windowed version just like Parallels.

    Since Paralles is specialized in VM technology I believe they will keep ahead of the Apple OS development for a while.

    Also very cool new development is Cross Over

    JimW is right about full hardware support, Hmm sometime you still need that PC box, Luckily remote control is easy .. So just keep it out of sight 8)

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