Forums Current Conditions California anywhere around tahoe going to be non-crusted this weekend?
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    I got out yesterday morning and was disappointed by some thick crust. It’s supposed to be warm and sunny for a while. I am wondering if maybe something N/NE facing with trees might still be decent but I don’t know of anywhere like that. Is anyone getting out this weekend?

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    I was at Homiewood today with the goal of hiking Ellis Peak. Unfortunately I’m a dumbass and forgot my skins. I was going to bootpack it, but suprisingly no one had been up there yet and postholing with a splitboard on my back was not happening. The trees up on Ellis were still caked in snow, and dropping back in to the ski area there was still some sorta wintery pow in areas that have not been hit by the sun. It looked pretty promising for a nice mellow cruise through the trees. I’m still not sure how to access this area without using the lifts, but it is nice to get some extra vert without the hike.

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    N/NE trees in the Mt.Rose area would surely have some quality snow if it’s not too tracked. Average elevation is 9.5k’and it was all snow last storm. I think I’m hitting it Saturday.

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    How’d I end up as “Guest”:?:

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