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    Just found out I’m gonna be in Colorado Springs from July 3-7. Is there anything still rideable out there? How about Pike’s Peak? Seen pics of the Y and would love to get into that if it’s rideable (plus I like the idea of driving to the top of the mountain… :)). I can probably travel out of the area for a day trip one of the days though if it’s worth it.

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    Got to be something up in our mountains.

    Wish I knew where. Got to check my book:

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    I doubt there is much left on Pikes peak? we have been seeing temps in the 90’s. There is still some snow to be had here in central CO but its a lot of work. Check out Colorado splitboard faction. I dont know how to copy the link but i am sure you can find it. There has been some recient activity on Torreys and Grays posted

    Fast and smooth

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    Here’s some of the photos than someone posted of Greys and Torres:

    Might be worth it… it’s supposed to cool down a bit next week too…maybe.

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    Indian peaks wilderness is still rideable west of Boulder. around 8-10 miles roundtrip for those lines.

    Mt Evans you can drive to near the summit and there is some snow still.

    Or you could drive up Rollins Pass, not sure how far at the moment.

    Here is Apache from this wednesday showing Apache Couloir main line and queens way lookers right.

    Pikes is probably dry by now, so you are looking at 2 hour drive from the springs to get anywhere. Its getting pretty scrappy. You’d be better off finding some biking or climbing.

    Mt Neva from sunday:

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    Thanks for the info! Keep it coming. Apache looks pretty cool. I actually have a buddy that lives right there on the Peak to Peak hwy nearby…

    Normally at this point I’d be looking to MTB… but I “kinda broke” my wrist a couple weeks ago, so no biking for a while. Think I can manage some boarding though. 🙂

    Oh, and no problem w/having to drive 2 hrs or more… hell I have to drive over 4 hrs one way to get to any snow here in CA! 🙂

    Anyone interested in meeting up? Hit me up!

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    Hey Jim. I am headed out on a backpacking trip the same weekend to red slate. You think there is any snow worth hiking a solid in with me?

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    @rughty wrote:

    Hey Jim. I am headed out on a backpacking trip the same weekend to red slate. You think there is any snow worth hiking a solid in with me?

    There’s a Red Slate in CO??


    I haven’t been to the eastside for over a month. I’d guess there’s probably still some snow in the chute, but a lot of hiking with a board on your back to get there. And what snow is there might be all runneled out and crappy. Then again, if you don’t mind schlepping the extra weight, and are OK with riding crappy snow just for the hell of it… if you’re going there anyway, and you get back there and it turns out there’s snow, and you *don’t* have your board… Just sayin’. 🙂

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    SNOW!!! Of course! I just got queens way on Saturday on Apache peak, it was some patch hoping but i’d say over 2000k vert and very fun playfull snow. not super suncupped or runneled.. I also found Colorados very own FOY!!! :rock: I am gonna try and bang this edit out asap since it was so fun and almost july.

    this weekend Im looking to ride for my July session, easy work is the 4th of july bowl in breck, lots of spots to touch snow. Just depends on what your trying to do, ride a line or just slide a little bit of snow. I still want both!

    I hear further north has some snow still, NS range, CP area.

    ANybody have any beta of pics or ideas, the hardest part is researching where to go hunting!!!

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    cometogether, check your PM’s – would be cool to meet up tomorrow.

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    @hikeforturns wrote:

    You’d be better off finding some biking or climbing.


    not much snow around cb, prob better off around indian peaks, any idea about san juans anyone?

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    the juans are the first to go. to far south to hold up with any heat.. I was there in april and it was on the decline..

    got out this weekend and actually ran into jimw near the summit of Mt Toll in IPW!!! 😯 it was pretty cool-casually having the same objective as a fellow splitter.
    he should have some good pics of the adventure!

    it was nice meeting you jimw we will be in touch for some days in Tahoe for SURE!

    check the forums, good images of some IPW and medicine bows, further north.

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    I was up at Toll on Friday 7/5. Saw only one guy taking pictures at Blue lake, then when I was just about at the top of the snow on Toll, out pops cometogether! Cool running into you and Brian up there man, we’ll definitely have to get in some turns in the future. Anyway, the snow pretty lumpy. I found a nice lookers right steep entrance to the snowfield on Toll, had to unstrap once to get down to the lake. I’d say the snow conditions were just OK, borderline not worth it. HOWEVER… the POND SKIMMING is going off right now on Blue lake! So good in fact that I had to make a return trip with my buddy Ben on Monday 7/8 for another pond skim session. Read on for pics…

    Here’s Apache and Toll zoomed in from the road on Fri.

    The top of Apache couloir and Queens Way were significantly more melted out on Monday. The snow is going fast with the high temps/rain etc. Here’s a zoomed out pic from Mon, and you can see it’s more melted out.

    Some more comparison pics. Looking at Toll from the other side of Blue lake, Friday:

    … and Monday:

    Looking at the “Cooked Couloir” 🙂 on Audobon with Blue lake below, Friday:


    Like I mentioned, I ran into cometogether near the top of Toll. Here’s a pic of him with some awesome terrain in the background.

    Getting back to the good stuff… did I mention that pond skimming conditions on the far end of Blue lake are primo??? This isn’t gonna last long. The pond is actually sitting in a big chunk of floating snow/ice on the far end of the pond. On Monday it was barely still attached to the far shore. Pretty soon you’re not gonna be able to get out to it… or maybe you could build a kicker from the shore! 🙂

    SOOOO much fun! If I lived out there I would totally go back there to session it again before it’s gone… which could be this weekend at the rate things are melting. The cold water does weird things to your brain though. WTF???


    I flew back to CA from Denver yesterday morning, and got some great views of IPW from the plane. I posted up all the full res pics in an archive here. It’s about 100 MB, but you can zoom in to get a better idea of snow conditions in a particular area. Not ideal looking out a plastic plane window, but good enough for beta. I’m pretty sure I got the locations right in the notes below, but feel free to correct me; I’m not a CO native, and had to use Google earth/maps to figure out exactly what I was looking at…

    Looking into IPW from the south. Pawnee is approx in the middle of the pic, and has a couple good looking lines.

    Closeup of Pawnee, middle right:

    IPW top right, 4th of July middle, Rollins Pass bottom left. The stuff near Rollins actually looks pretty good:

    Closeup of Rollins area:

    There are several more pics at full resolution in the archive link I posted above. If I were looking to get on snow this weekend, I’d probably go check out Rollins… or go session the Blue lake pond skim again!! 🙂

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    Good stuff Jim! Right on for bringing some Cali pond skimming to the hood.

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    I seriously hate you jim!! that pond looks epic!! I don’t think it would be there by Saturday, my first chance to make it back there. dude KICK ass with all those air photos. you just did me a huge favor!! we will def try to be in touch, it was fun meeting you. that pond looks perfect for the mini!

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    Way to extend the season Jim! It must be hard to hard to shred so far away from the Mo mart :mrgreen:

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