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    is sparks planning on releasing any thing new this fall? Thinking about getting the fuses but would be pretty mad at myself if the came out with something new in september.

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    I have no idea, BUT round about last March a photo was posted on this forum for about 12 hours before it, and the thread it was in vanished without a word….
    Anyways, the picture showed some pretty bad ass machining to the fuse, which based on the photo probably shaved about 10-15% off the weight. The base plate was machined ‘swiss cheese’ like the Voile baseplate, but it was clearly a Fuse base.
    Also in the pic was a touring bracket machined out of an aluminum block, and all the parts in the photo were crazy anodized purple, orange, etc… Very boutique BMX/MTB looking stuff….

    So who knows :scratch:

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    I heard a rumor about the newer lighter touring bracket… That would be cool…

    The fuses would probably be worth it if you get get them. I guess it just depends on what you have now. Anything new that comes out will probably take 6 months to land on your door step.

    If you are rockin first gen Sparks, probably worth waiting, if you are still using the voile plate, couldn’t hurt to get fuses.

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    hmmm sounds interesting looks like ill hold off until october and see if anything new comes out…. :drool:

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    So I emailed Spark about getting some bindings this fall to our local dealer, and I asked if they were coming in with any new designs or if I should be expecting the fuse’s, and here was the response I got from the Sales Department:

    Stay tuned … 🙂 I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised …

    So I think there will be something new coming through this fall, and I’ll be on them!!! :bananas: I’d have to say it will compliment my Zephyr split very well.

    Anyone have any beta or ideas what the modifications will be? Looking forward to it. And I know, Karokaram is new and awesome, and all that stuff, but Spark is where its at for me.

    Is it snowing yet?

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    :drool: :bananas: :drool: :bananas: :drool:
    Im staying tuned and cant wait….its not snowing yet so ill keep :guinness: .

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    Spark moved into a larger space so they should be able to ramp up production this year which is good news. Those pictures that were posted for a short period of time were from the owner of Twenty6 (who shares a space with Spark) and who machined his Fuse’s down to almost nothing. I’d be stoked if Spark can machine more material off their binders while keeping the strength necessary for them to be performers and have a long lifespan.


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    Hey guys….

    Something we should know about? New straps (toe & heel) for sure. And as far as I’m aware, that isn’t a Bent Metal highback either.

    That was Pontus

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    Titanium hardware baby! yeah

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    That looks so good :rock:

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    just ordered mine, mountain gear website says 2lbs 3oz per pair!!!!

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    Thats insanely light. I like it! Glad mine are on preorder too :thumpsup:

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    That is insanely light! And also not correct. We’ve dropped Mtn Gear a note about the misprint. We’ll have a big release in the near future on the Blaze, in the meantime the actual weight is 3.75 lb (1730g) per pair, 1/2 lb (230 g) savings over the Fuse!

    We’ll be in touch soon guys, thanks for the stoke!

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    I was gonna, ask where did the 2lb weight savings come from, no need now. I’m guessing that 1/2lb comes from using an in house highback and straps. And someone mentioned titanium somewhere. Any difference’s in the baseplates/heelcup department? ie. incompatibility with Bent Metal highbacks/ankle straps?

    That was Pontus

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    Thanks for the correction Will, thought that you were welding them from Helium or performing some sort of voodoo. :scratch: I was freaking out all morning. 3.75lbs is still very light, and I know still 110g lighter then the competition too! Keep up the good work, excited to get on the Blaze’s this winter. Send them to Backcountry Experience in Durango ASAP!

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    i was told the straps and highbacks are custom and the baseplates are likely not compatible with others.

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    I just got a press release from Spark.

    Dear Spark Fans,

    The next generation is here…we proudly present our new Blaze splitboard binding for the 2010/2011 season:

    We are still in the process of getting our website updated for this season … but as always, if you are receiving this email, you are on our e-notification list and we will keep you posted on product updates and availability as they happen throughout the season.

    Thanks for your stoke throughout the summer; your energy and enthusiasm is contagious.


    the crew at Spark R&D

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    Very nice. 1/2 lb. reduction is huge. Good job Will and others.

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    Damnit, no baseplate only option for the Blaze or the Fuse this year…

    That was Pontus

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