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    Climbing Skins Direct is now making a split board-specific skin. Does anyone have any experience with these? They are reasonably priced at $120 and at 180 cm long would be nice for those of us who ride longer decks.!/~/product/category=1854647&id=8629770


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    These are the go!
    The FirstLight skins are made by these guys

    I’ve sold over 60 sets with no complaints and I use them too.
    Great grip with the nice long pile and you get tail clips and wax for free.

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    I’m pretty sure AreJay has these, you could check with him too.

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    As I recall, these are the guys that made the Ascension skins before BD bought them out (which in turn is the Voile Tractor skin as well), and I’m pretty sure they’re the same skins as the BCA magic carpets. My girlfriend has a set for her board, I’d say good glue, good grip, so-so glide. Can’t beat the price.


    Had a pair for 3 seasons, they were great for the money. The glue held well and they took a lot of abuse.

    Switched to Voile skins for more grip, some spring tours with icy skin tracks sucked with the csd skins

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    Most importantly, their FAQ says. . .

    Were any chipmunks harmed in the manufacturing process?
    All chipmunk pelts are taken from chipmunks that died of natural causes. It is a solemn and respectful process.

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