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    It is playing tonight in Denver and I was thinking of going. I like TGR for their production quality and killer soundtracks, but I know most of their footage is of skiers, with the exception of JJ (who is not in this one due to his other project) and a few other riders.

    I was wondering if anyone has gone to see it, and you can tell me if there is enough snowboarding footage to make it worth it?


    Wish I could help, but alas, I won’t be seeing it until Saturday night…. To me it’s definitely been worth it to check out the last few years as there’s usually been enough snowboarding and plenty of good’ol steep snowy goodness…

    Seeing it at a smaller venue on Saturday, so hoping to get a better shot at some decent swag as well…

    Greg - NoKnees


    I saw it at the premier, I don’t think there is any snowboarding in it this year, JJ was working on deeper and he is usually the main snowboarder. Its still a good flick better than last years.


    Mark Carter has the only shred segment this year’s TGR film

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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