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    Anyone hike with a thermos instead of or in addition to a nalgene? Have any recommendations for a lightweight roughly 1L size?

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    Hydro flask vacuum insulated bottles should work.

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    ^Yes. And stay away from the Hydroflip lid. The pressure difference tends to force out some coffee. Better the wide mouth or narrow (normal) screw tops. The simpler, the better.

    I luuves me some coffee in the BC. It does a lot toward making a cold, windy peak more pleasant.

    Go stainless all the way around, i.e. with a stainless inner (not the traditional reflective glass which breaks). They are heavier and less efficient but bomber and sufficient for a the day.

    ≤ 16 oz is sufficient for me. A little goes a long way in the cold. I drink more coffee on the drive than on the trail. More would be useless wight. Soup in a thermos might be a different story…

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    I have the snow peak kanpai.

    It doesn’t quite keep stuff as hot as a glass lined thermos, but it’s also not as bulky either. It’s pretty tough, I’ve dropped it heaps of times. There is a titanium version (über $$$$) that shaves some weight.

    It’s got 3 lids, 1 for cold, 1 for hot and one for pouring. I’ve only ever used the “hot” lid.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    Need to find the US (REI?) version of this

    $9.75 and keeps tea/coffee/soup hot in my pack for 10 hours of splitboarding. Scalding hot for 5 hours even. Did I mention it’s less than $10?

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    I just got a 25oz/750ml Stanley thermos from a friend and while it’s too heavy to carry in the snow it was very nice to get back to the car to scalding hot tea yesterday. I had filled the thermos before 6am and it was 2pm when we cracked it open, when I poured the last of the tea and the tea bags into the sink at 5pm they were still steaming.

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    Bought a “thermos” brand from amazon. Scren-in cap, no buttons. Promised to hold for 24h.
    Haven’t tested it alot, but I was drinking a how tea next to my pc from it. I spend a day in mountains, and got some tea left from a weekend.

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    Always. I use a Thermos brand bottle. Holds the heat well.

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    I’ve got a Contigo from Costco that I use for daily life. While it works well for that, the button would present an issue in a pack. I’ve been looking to pick up an Avex branded one which has a lock for the button or a Zojirushi which is supposedly a great performer.

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    I have a hydro flask growler for backpacking. I filled it straight from the tap the day before it was sitting in the sun on day 2. No temp or carbonation losses. It is a little heavy and bulky, but mine is 64oz. I would trust that all their bottles are this good!!!

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