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    I am looking for some general beta one the area. I will be moving to Vancouver from the US East Coast at the end of the month and I have never been out there. Any guide books or tour suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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    Moving to BC from the East Coast. You will be in heaven if you love touring. Tons of snow and rad terrain in BC!
    I’m from Alberta so we ussually hit the stuff in our Rockies and the East Kootneys but we do visit friend out in Whistler from time to time.
    Go to MEC in Van and pick up the following guide books.
    Exploring the coast mtns on Skis – This book should keep you busy as it covers the southwester portion of BC. Some pretty impressive spots around Whistler, Pemberton, Duffy Lake and Bella Coula are covered in this one.
    Ski Touring in the Columbia mtns (Chic Scott) – This book covers the columbia mtns in BC. There is alot of ammazing spot covered in this book. Rogers Pass alone would keep you busy for years and years.
    These books only scratch the surface though since there is rad spot all throughout BC!
    Have fun exploring!

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