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    Hey Kids…

    My crew is looking in to picking up an old canvas wall tent to haul in as a base camp. Weight isn’t a huge deal since we’ll have snowmobiles to assist us. I have no experience winter camping in a wall tent (with a stove) and wondered if anyone else has. Spent some time in an igloo last winter, but it wasn’t the warmest or driest accomodations. Anyway, let me know if you have tried it out and if I’m gonna frickin’ freeze to death! We’ll probably spend several days at a time. Thanks for any beta on the subject!

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    I have no experience in a wall tent…but I’ve spent a few winter nights in a tee-pee with a woodstove and that was the bomb. My buddy lived in it through the entire winter just outside Hamilton, MT. It got warm enough to sit in just t-shirts inside and he dried his clothes on a line in there too. I’m not sure how long he’d have to leave stuff hanging to dry though. He did have the tee-pee up off the ground on an insulated wood deck style platform.
    It was about 18′ diameter.

    Don’t suppose I could come up and help for location 😀
    I have my own sleds… 8)

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    Hellroaring ski adventures in the centennials(MT/ID) uses a two wall tent setup and it works out pretty damn nice. I have gone there the last 3-4 years and like the wall tent setup(sure beats the sierra designs). Here’s an idea of what it looks like

    oh and it is plenty warm, just make sure you stoke the woodburning stove before bed and sometimes it helps to stoke it once through the night if you tend to sleep on the colder side(Cold doesn’t bother me too much but my tentmates would wake up to stoke it)

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    I stayed in a canvas wall tent for a week once and it got too hot if we kept the stove going. It had a wood floor though so I’m not sure how much a difference that makes.

    Ugh, basecamps rule!

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    I’ve done it, it’s warm.

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    Thanks for the info. I think we’re going to hit the local Cabela’s and see what kind of setups they have… maybe ebay would be more realistic!
    Mtnrider… I’ll let you know what happens. We’re still in the shopping/planning mode right now. Things are looking good!


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    Hi Boardergirl, just another option to think about… I have a never used Kifaru 4 man tipi with a wood stove for sale. Check out this site for info: Willing to sale for half the listed price. A sweet setup, probably shouldn’t be selling it, but need to. PM me if interested.

    Rico in AZ
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    sweet, sounds like powder-party-paradise! Cabela’s will almost certainly be cheaper, but check out these guys:

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    A camping tent is an important asset for a camper and should not simply offer a comfort but keep away the rain, snow, cold and harmful insects. Always buy a high-quality tent, even if it means you have to spend extra money on it. Previously to buying your camping tent, decide the kind of camping you will be doing, in what climactic situation and how many people will be staying in the tent with you.
    Thanks& regards,
    John Pitter

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    Be safe when venturing off the beaten trail. Whether snowshoeing or split snowboarding, going into areas that aren’t marked presents a new set of dangers. When heading off into these unknown areas, it’s imperative to have a compass and a map. It’s also important to investigate the area before heading out. Keep an eye on daylight and always pack appropriately for the task at hand. Finally, tell a friend where you’ll be and when you should be expected home, even when travelling in a group.

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