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    I actually bought one on a good buddy’s recomendation, but haven’t ever ridden one. Too late now, but what do you guys think of those?

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    nope but it rhymes with pakalolo 😀

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    i rode a proto @ a demo day season before last, kinda like a mellow Fish, more FS oreitned, less float than a Fish. you can actually ride/land it switch if thats your thing. If you didn’t like a Fish cause of handling characteristicsbeing too surfy, than you may like the malolo.

    real nice deck in my opinion, plus graphic is nice. what you pay?

    PS: I’m a Fish junkie, I have 3 now, 1 split 150, 2 solid a 150 and a 156 and wanna pick up a Malolo to try it out for the season. I think that these tapered shapes are great for the NW, where the “powder” tends to be heavier. these shapes PLOW thru the mash potatoes and are a dream on dry pow days. I picked up a leftover T6 156 last year too, and I strictly ride it on no freshie days only.


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    sorry my computer barfed up some extra posts!

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    @jimfish wrote:

    real nice deck in my opinion, plus graphic is nice. what you pay?jim

    I’m not sure what I paid. He just said he could get one, and will be bringing it by with a price. Sounds odd to not know the price, but he usually picks out nice rides, and has a good price.

    I did go 158, which I’m a bit worried about. The shortest board I’ve ridden in the last few years is a 163.

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    I picked one up at the end of season sale for half off. Haven’t ridden it, but from everything I’ve heard it should be a great BC board. The Fish was too squirrely for me. Could be the size (156) though you’re supposed to ride them shorter, but in the steeps I didn’t feel like I could trust it. The Malolo I picked up is a 162, same length as my normal in-bounds board. I’m planning on sawing that Malolo in two next month! 🙂

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