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    So I bought a new pair of Fitwells and was hoping to get them fitted with Intuition Liners. Because I was afraid I would mess up the DIY process if I did it myself, I went to a local shop to get a pro fit.

    Turns out they couldn’t get it to fit properly, and the whole fore foot, toe box area was too tight… They said this never happens, they’re sorry, and they finally gave up. They seem very experienced in fitting IL’s so I don’t know what happened. Was this just a fluke?

    I have to drive a ways to get to an IL dealer and I’m afraid to drive all the way down there again just to get fitted for three hours and have nothing to show for it.

    Any words of wisdom?

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    The problem I had with mine was that they are waaay to tall for my Driver shells, like 6″ above the tongue. Looks weird, feels even weirder! Mine are (were…for a day) the Luxury liners. Having said that, the fit of the footbed and toe box was nice and no issues doing it at home. But I only wore them once, the height was wack.

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    I have one customer who re-used a pair of already well used Intuition Luxury Liners from his old boots into his new Fitwells. He’s a happy chappy but no surprises as the liners were already a good fit and I guess they would adjust/conform in time a little more hopefully to being in the new Fitwell shell too.

    In your situation it maybe that the (I assume) correct fitting Fitwell boot you purchased with the original liner is the right fit, whereas squeezing your foot into an Intuition liner inside the same sized shell is just too much. In my own case going from the standard liner to the Intuition was similar and also I found it too stiff for me anyway, so I use the standard liner very happily. No question there is a lot more foam in an Intuition liner and I think you maybe be struggling. Maybe a lot more heat and more aggressive moulding process is necessary.

    Hope you can work it out anyway but don’t be afraid of using the standard Fitwell liner.


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    I recommend the luxury liners as they have laces. I love mine. I just ordered my size (can’t remember but they turned out to be the correct size) and I just shoved them the shell and started skinning. I don’t bother heat molding them. You don’t need to. One thing to consider is there really isn’t much room for an insole of any kind that could fit inside the liner. I cut one of my old custom insoles in half and just use the heel portion as there wasn’t any room for the toe portion of it. I needed it because I have a collapsed arch in my right foot. I actually like the height of the liners…at least it doesn’t bother me in any way as they are taller than normal boot liners.

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    My fore foot is a little tight with the Fitwell liners on. I told this to the shop employee but after they did all their measurements, they said it would fit. They used all the extra toe padding during the molding process but it still turned out too tight. They tried all the tricks and it was still too tight. And by the way, I’m not trying to blame the shop. I just want to figure out if I stand a chance with IL’s or not.

    I think it was Intuition’s Univeral Liner that they tried, and when I wore this liner in the shell before the molding process, it was definitely too tight. So I don’t think I could do the BGnight strategy.

    When I put my bare foot in the shell without a liner, my foot has a decent amount of space in all directions.

    So I guess my question is; are there Intuition Liners that will mold thinner than the Fitwell liner?

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    There are Intuition liners of varying volume. But Intuition are the best people to talk about this too, as that’s all they do, design and build liners. FWIW, the fitting process I found uncomfortable as well. You’re jamming your foot into a crazy hot piece of plastic built with a greater volume than it will ultimately end up as by using you own foot as a mold. And the first couple of tours on my new liners also sucked, no blisters and definately better fitting than my old ones but my feet still hurt like a mother those first couple of days. That being said, whatever shell I jam my liners into these days (no I haven’t remolded for different boots) are the most comfortable piece of footwear I own.

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    I’d appeal to the shop and to intuition to see if you can get a do over with a lower volume liner. If you don’t get any love there you could slice out that portion of the liner around your toes an replace it with 3 or 5mm thick neoprene. Lay it all out and glue it together with contact cement. Maybe a bit of hand sewing too, to keep it all together tight. Good luck, have happy feet. Maybe donate them to a friend and use the stock liners.

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