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    I really want to to give this a try. So does anyone know where i can go to get rent kites or any places to go a snow kite and get started?


    Jon Dahl
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    I am a wannabe try it for the first timer…so I cannot give you any really good input. That said, go to Ozone kites site and find the US distributor, Windzup in Utah. Sorta know, through the ‘net, one of the team riders who also coaches. Windzup sends catologs to any US inquiries through the Ozone website info request. Triple Threat kitesports in Everett shows up on a web search, cannot vouch for them though. My advice? Get a starter trainer kite for practice and fly it as much as possible to learn the basics of handling. Especially learn how to loop your kite in a controlled fashion, a most important skill you’ll use flying.

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    Jon is right – start with a trainer & play with it a lot until you can fly it by feel without watching it all the time. Then hit the lesson & its a lot easier to learn on snow than water.
    Ozone makes great quality stuff & so far the only kite company that even gives any interest to backcountry snowkiting

    HQ has just come out with a new foil kite that you can also use on water. Foils are the only way to go if you’re going to snowkite in backcountry. Foils sink in water – so that’s why everyone uses inflatables in water. If this thing flies good it means 1-3 kites total for land & water which would be a great thing. Early reviews I’ve read sound promising.

    Look for snowkite get-togethers & dealer demo days to get to try a variety of kites & see what you like. This is 1 sport where there is so much product overhype – its nuts.

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    There is a place tha sells stuff in Seattle. Im looking to get into it this summer but it would be easier to learn on the snow. Google it and you’ll find them.

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