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    sneeky jesus

    it sounds like i may have a job at alyeska, anyone know anything about livin in the community? the resorts employee lodging is full, so thats out, and craigslist is really sparse and expensive for the area. i’d rather not have to commute out to anchorage if i could avoid it since im workin 5-1am. oh yeah, is the area as sick as it looks?
    i also have a phone interview with stevens pass ski area. is it worth working there, or does all of seattle crowd it 7 days a week? hows the backcountry?


    Can’t help your housing situation, but the Girdwood area is definitely sick :thatrocks: Haven’t been to Steven’s Pass. Have fun :bananas:

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    Alyeska – never been, but heard it’s as good as you probably think it is

    Stevens – all of Seattle doesn’t crowd it, has some OK inbounds, decent slackcountry. There are better mountains in WA though. Worth checking though.


    sneeky, stevens is good. Hook up with the right folks and you’ll be riding untouched lift served bc all day. Some of those said folks currently reside over at TGR. The bc around there is unreal. Head either north or east a bit. Check out the terrain on google maps. Take my word, your gonna have to work for them!

    The bc around here is plentiful. Hopefully you get a chance to go explore them.


    What’s the employee housing situation like at Steven’s right now?

    I know quite a few people who work, or have worked for Steven’s. They all seem to like working there. So much so that one guy left his condo and family in Jackson hole to move back to live and work at stevens. So, it may not be as bad as working for some a-holes…

    Steven’s pass doesn’t have lodging, but there are little towns and mom and pop places dotting highway 2. I am not sure what would be considered town to people who live at the pass?? leavenworth, skykomish? I don’t know, and even tehy are kinda far….There isn’t one really. It isn’t a tourist destination, so there isn’t really any night life up there, other then night skiiers and the bar in the lodge, if that’s where you stay . If that even matters to you.

    sneeky jesus

    it sounds like lodging is full at stevens pass, but theres some down in leavenworth. do you ride a lot out of gold bar? i biked down that way, seems like the cascades through 2 are awesome.


    Sneeky, Give D-GREEN from this forum a shout he lives up in girdwood.


    I just moved to Seattle about a year and a half ago, and then gold bar this spring, so I am still kinda new to the area. I try to get out as much as possible.

    I am thinking of getting a job at steven’s myself just for the free bus pass.


    Just an FYI and not to thread jack but Crystal has (used to have…) an employee shuttle from the Enumclaw fairgrounds as well, if anyone is thinking about that area.


    Don’t move to Girdwood, its a horrible place to live!

    Alyeska is as sick as it looks, got 950 inches last season, and the BC potential is un-real. But AK is not for everyone. Housing/food/booze/gas are expensive, it can rain for months non-stop, and its dark in the winter. Depending on what you are looking for, you will either love it or hate it.

    Feel free to PM for more info.


    senator ted stevens may have a room or two available for the season at his place in girdwood…

    might even be able to cut a deal w/ him.

    ok, sorry… girdwood is fun but i echo the same sentiments above. tons of snow at top, tons of rain at bottom, dark, small, and pricey. lots of seasonal transients move in and out of that town year to year. still, super steep, GREAT bc access and turnagain pass just up the road.


    Yep, it’s not cheap to live here normally. But there are some places that are reasonably priced. Ofcourse, they are Alaska style “homes” though. Meaning no electricity or running water, which isn’t really as bad as it sounds.
    The best way to find housing here in G-wood is to come and look, there’s always stuff on the boards around town here.
    …And whether or not you’ll like it up here in AK…
    Well, if you’re a hot boarder chick, Girdwood rocks!!! The shortest day of the year is still 6 hours long, 10am to 4pm or so. Summer temps are perfect, 70s-ish. Winters are better, 20s. And you can’t beat Alyeska…for it’s size. and the backcountry RULES!
    If you’re a dude…This place sucks! There are no women up here, if you bring one…we’ll steal her! It rains ALL the time, it’s dark as hell and the mosquitoes are HUGE and plentiful.
    Enough said.? Give me a shout if you make it up this way, and good luck :mrgreen:

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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