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    I have used the Voile slider rails with conventional bindings, and I have had enough! I am sure that is a conclusion that many of you have come to, waaay before me. But since I had the slider rails, I also forked out cash for the splitboard crampons, and they’re great and I’d like to keep them.

    Can anyone tell me if I can a splitboard binding that is compatible with those crampons? I would really rather not have to buy a whole new set of crampons, but of course I will if you very wise and knowledgeable splitters tell me I am SOL lol.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Those were designed to work with the plates. A while back forum members @Rughty and @Firstlight would weld pieces to the plates to get a more solid, lighter bonding.

    Firstlight runs a shop down under.

    There is/was also Triad bindings.

    I have heard nothing form any of those guys in a while.

    You might be able to get your crampons to work with 2011 and earlier Voile Lightrails (if they existed back then. I forget which year they came out, 2009-2010?). They would have had orange rails.
    They might work with non-LT bracket Spark pin bindings: Blaze, Burner, Ignitions.

    But really, Voile crampons are the worst ones on the market. You have to remove the whole binding from the bracket to install; while every other binding + crampon system has ‘on the go’ installation where you simply drop a knee and slide it into place. Purchasing a binding for it’s crampon compatibility is kind of putting the cart before the horse.

    But really really, unless I’m doing a big a line in spring conditions (where it’s frozen early and will thaw into corn when I descend), crampons only get me into places I should not be. You are better off honing your technique than using crampons. STFU tractor pulls waste energy when you could be traversing. Learning to kick into the slope on traverses (across your body) to gain edge purchase will get you farther, faster than crampons.

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    Hi guys
    The only binding that will work with Grey Voile crampons if the slider plate with your standard solid board binding attached.
    The orange Voile crampon worked with the first version light rail
    Then Voile changed the toe tour bracket and made it wider and I’m sure they don’t have a crampon for that.
    Now there’s a new voile binding that will prob us the K2 Klicker crampon .

    Confusing !

    Its been a while since I last posted!

    Adam West

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    With all the new tech out there I have pretty much stopped doing conversions and since Triad was dissolved a few years back those aren’t a viable option anymore. I ride my modified first year Afterburners still and yet to even try out the crampons! So I don’t have any input on those. I would say that if you have the funds, I would throw down on the newest Sparks bindings. For the money, they are worth every penny. If you are on a budget and that’s why you want to stick with using the Voile crampons then you’ll have to find a binding that is pretty much as old as those crampons! Pins suck with all the options out there as I’m sure you are aware, but if you want them, I would be happy to convert some aluminum resort bindings for you to get you by until you get some new gear. I still have some Voile and Triad slider plates. I might even have some size large Ride bindings (I think the straps are shot or are mis-matching). I don’t charge for the sliders anymore since they aren’t in demand, just the prep and welding. Good luck to you in getting your setup dialed. Fortunately there are soooo many more options out there available now.

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    Thank you all for bringing me out of my haze! You were right, it’s the cart pulling the horse. I picked up a Prior splitboard on sale from REI in 2010, and living in NJ, it was certainly something that cost a lot with very little utility. Fortunately I had a friend living in Portland who encouraged me to hit up some of the Cascades with him, and that really propelled me, but still I hardly ever used it, which is part of the reason all my equipment is old and Voile. It was actually after coming off Mt Adams (Washington) in July 2013 where I resolved to upgrade to Dynafits and Phantoms… but that was going to cost more than the splitboard itself lol. So yeah, I suffered (the few additional times I used it) to save money. And I kept my head in the sand.

    Honestly, I hate my splitboard. There I said it. And while a part of me wants to whine that I’m not one of the few, one of the brave, I am happy Jeremy Jones is progressing the sport. There was nothing sadder to hear (from two of my friends) that they gave up splitboarding and crossed back over to alpine touring because splitting was so painful.

    I will definitely get some of the sparks in the meantime, till I buy a new splitboard.

    Thanks for everything. This has been a wake up call!

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    I bought the Spark t1 Surge and heel locking kit. I used them on the trek from the top of the Stowe (VT) Gondola traversing out to the adams apple on Mt Mansfield. The equipment is amazing; so much better than using standard bindings the the Voile slider plates. And the heel locks are really cool! I also bought G3 high traction skins (in lieu of crampons) which worked really well. Now I want to upgrade the splitboard!!!

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