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    wicked site guys!! spent much time poring over these pages daydreaming about future turns. geography (newzealand and UK) and injury have deprived me of the stoke of pow for almost 3 years 😥
    …but that’s all about to change with the winter ahead! back to the kootenays of BC (had to immigrate to secure the pow 😉 ) any splitters around there??? always keen to meet new folk
    anyways now my only real requirement is a new stick , time to hang up the shoes for a bit. a winter of many trips is my hope and a stick that can find me smiling in the alpine and the trees is my desire.
    gone through the couloir review(got it sent to the UK) and scrutinised these pages over and over and i’m still stumped over what to go with. posting this message in a hope of breaking the seige!
    i’m a size 10.5 US have a disliking of wider boards and weigh 155lbs.
    been riding an option signature 64 from a few years ago, really like it particularly in the trees, not always the surest at speed. have thought about splitting it
    often keen on the khyber 160 and wondered about the xtra length 165 for multi day pack weight. love the trees but was wondering how happy i would be with it as the everywhere split.
    wondered about the mtn gun 161.. too small given extra weight? the specs for nose dimensions if i can remember are roughly that of the freeride 66 so maybe it’s still good in powder
    a few months ago i’d reluctantly thought of going for a burton as it seems like the ride characteristics mighta suited me though never tried ruled it out.
    not sure about the possible winterstick or a neversummer
    a prior split 65 with a custom narrowing of the waist is a consideration but was a little concerned about its powder handling after reading the couloir review. would alteration of waist incur any other issues?
    a quiver is the big answer really but not for a while, trying a few models would be sensible too but i don’t have the time… doing a 7day assessed avi course a month after i get on snow and need time getting my skinning technique to an acceptable level to do the course (plus see if i can still board after this brutal abstinance 😛 )

    on my side is a winter of no job, only prayer to the snowgods 😆

    anyway any ideas much appreciated and kudos again for this great site!!

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