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    I have half a can of Black Diamond Gold Label skin glue. Its the small can . I need to reglue a pair of G3’s that are 145 cm long and the board is 26 cm wide . Do I have enough Glue? Gotta go out Saturday


    OK, here is what I did and I think it may work out good.
    I bought some parchment paper from Von’s and got a cheap Iron . Set some plywood out . I rolled my skins out and laid them on the plywood glue side up. Took the parchment paper and rolled it out tip to tail over the skin glue. Pressed the parchment paper with my hand then placed the temp selector of the iron to medium heat. I started ironing the parchment paper heating the glue underneath. I could see the excess glue through the parchment paper , it was black and lumpy. As the glue heated up I could push the black excess glue out to the side of the skins. I did this tip to tail. It was easy to tell when the excess glue had been removed because the remaining glue was nice and clear.
    If you do this be careful not to press too hard with the iron because you will tear the parchment paper.
    After you had removed most of the excess glue you can turn the skin over and you will see the excess glue piled up along the edge of the skin. Use a razor knife to cut the glue and paper from the skin edge. After you have cut away all the paper from the edges turn the skin glue side up again on a clean area of your work area. If you get glue on your skin use white gas to and a rag to gum up the glue and you can remove it. DONT do this indoors or while doing bong hits. White gas will explode!
    Once you have skin glue side up you can peel off the parchment paper. You skin glue should be nice and even. If you still have areas of excess glue repeat the process.
    If you remove too much glue your skin will have dry spots where you can see the threads of the material. If you see this get some Black Diamond Gold Label glue and put a light coat of glue on the dry spots
    let that glue dry a day before you go out

    DISCLAIMER- I haven’t used these skins yet. I will test them this weekend.


    Hmm, I’m interested to hear how this turns out for you. After all the horror stories I’ve heard about redoing skin glue you make this sound like a reasonably straightforward process.

    I might take this on next week.


    Ditto, how’d they work out. Maybe I can salvage the uber gooey g3s


    So far so good I put in a 10 mile loop Saturday and the skins worked great three laps so on and off and the temps were I n the mid twenties. I will report back if I have any issues but so far so good


    Tex, I’ve done something similar as a refresher. I parchment-ironed the bottom scrapings of an old can of BD Gold Label to the tails of some STS Split skins that weren’t grabbing, did the job nicely.
    I did a full strip and reglue of some old purple Ascensions last year, and think in the future I’ll do this parchment “cleaning” technique with glue touch-ups, lots less work and good ’nuff.
    Goo Gone worked for me to get stray glue off the hairs.


    I just did the same thing as tex on some G3 skins. I did 4 days at whitecap alpine and the skins seem to be holding strong.


    I have been having glue issues lately, my skins are from Voile and are 4 years old. My skins haven’t been sticking well at all, after just a couple of hours they are basically flopping around and my tail clips are the only thing saving me. Another annoying thing that has been happening is that they are leaving glue behind on my bases, which at best is just glue but often collects ice too. The funny thing is that for two years these skins were sooo sticky it was borderline problematic at transitions and then within a season they went to essentially not holding at all.

    So my question is.. how do I know if I should replace the skins or try this trick? They do have that black clumpy look to a certain degree.

    And to clarify, this trick is more about cleaning up excess glue from the skins rather then taking all the glue off and replacing it with new glue? The extra can of glue is just for those spots where too much comes off?


    If you have little balls of glue instead of a nice even coat then yeah, give this a try. I used the can glue to touch up but I would give this method a try before tossing your skins
    If this doesnt work then I would buy the Black Diamond re glue-stips they sell now and use the paper bag method to remove all your glue


    G3 warrantied my super sticky skins. I probably have about 40-50 days on the 1 1/2 year old skins I got with my Prior split. I thought I took great care of them, used the savers, dried fully everyday, didn’t get wax on the skins… and my first trip out this season they were a super nasty, gooey mess. I couldn’t descend at all without a quick scrap and wax buff. I sent them back and G3 did the right thing. I’m psyched they stand behind their gear.

    Now we need some snow worth skinning up …

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