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    Hooked up with a buddy from TGR last weekend in search of some semi-easily-accessible turns in the Tahoe area. Here is the TR. 🙂

    (thanks for the TR template skier666)

    Date: May 12, 2006

    Location: Angora Chutes

    Weather: Sunny and warm

    Partcipants: skier666, hicks, bcrider

    Gameplan: corn harvesting

    Music: Radio Clash

    Pics: bcrider, skier666, hicks

    I received a PM from skier666 a few days earlier stating that his friend from Europe (hicks) was going to be in town for 2 days and that he wanted to show him a backcountry day before heading to the AKPM Summit at Alpine Meadows on Sunday. I had planed on getting out on Saturday morning and it’s hard to pass up a trip with skier666 so it was game on.

    We met at the trailhead at 6:30am….skier666 pounds some last minute caffeine while hicks realizes his pack has a broken waist buckle (kinda important).

    Luckily I brought two. 🙂

    There wasn’t a whole lotta snow at the trailhead.

    Soon we were wandering through the forest and crossing a creeks….good fun.

    skier666 mad creek crossing steeze.

    Out of the forest we start climing the small ridge to Angora Lakes…Hicks is stoked.

    More dry climbing and no snow in sight…the troops start getting a little worried.

    And finally on the ridge (and opposing aspect) we hit snow.


    Oh but wait guys…we just have one last creek to cross.

    bcr stoked to be in snowboard boots.

    Apparently it’s not as easy in alpine ski boots.

    Skier666 sets up…

    and lands it unscathed.

    hicks decided to try a different route.

    Our first close look at the chute we came for.

    Too steep to skin so we went to boot mode, skier666 gives his approval.

    Getting to the top went fast and soon we were on the summit…skier666 said this was his trackhead impression. 🙂


    gaper pointing to Mt. Tallaciuos.

    Fallen Leaf and Lake Teezy.

    Echo Peak


    back up?


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    Time to ski. 🙂






    skier666….sorry my camera washed out the snow bro!

    I tried to see if they would look any better in black and white?

    hicks ripped the shit out of it as well.

    my turn



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    It was only 10am so we headed for another.

    Skins were a nice thought but soon it was back to booting.

    On the ridge we got a sweet view of the Crystal Range. (l to r – Pyramid Peak, Mt Agassiz, Mt Price)

    hicks checking it out

    Another group was hitting Halls of the Gods in what looked like good spring conditions (smooth and edge-able).

    At the notch that separates Angora Peak from Indian Rock we decided to descend rather than continue to Echo Peak. Temps were rising and the notch would have taken some time to get through (it’s much easier when it’s full of snow). Our exit chute was still fun so it wasn’t a complete loss.




    The skier devil stoked on the view…four different lakes – Upper Angora, Lower Angora, Fallen Leaf, and Lake Tahoe.

    skier666 making a maching turn with our exit chute in the background.

    *note – lower section of the morning chute in the background


    Then it was a traverse out so we wouldn’t have to walk on dry land.

    skier666 breaks on through to the other side.

    bcr plays connect the dots.

    Gotta love those creeks.

    And dry trails.

    Are we there yet dad?

    Smiles on their faces so I guess it wasn’t too bad….I hope. 🙂

    Thanks for a fun day guys!

    I made it home in time for an early Mother’s day event and enjoyed a quick snack before the main festivities. Grocery store Rolls and an O’doul’s…not the ideal ending but actually not too bad. 🙂

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    Here are a few more pics I left out but skier666 posted.

    @skier666 wrote:

    Splitboarder S T O K E!!!!!!!!!!

    Carve it like Thanksgivin’

    Glad I wore googles with a dark lens…

    Top of the chute,,,,

    A little fuzzy, but you’re still cranking it….

    He rides with ski poles….

    Hey is that Tom Burt?????


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    Looks like a nice outing. Did the euro enjoy the lake area?

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    sounds like it. 🙂

    I asked if they have any lakes like Tahoe over there and he said kinda but not really. 8)

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    Nice, that looks like a long slog in w/ no snow.

    what’s w/ the odoul’s…I though you were a Guiness man. 😀

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    Damn that’s a lot of pics. Your approaches look so charming. 😈

    Good for you, drink on mother’s day BAD idea 😳

    affix snow
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    Very nice!
    That exit chute looked really tight and nice!

    Oh yea, O’douls?

    For shame….. 😉

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