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    Ok the new job got me tied up for awhile, but I finally got some pics downloaded and ready to go.
    Shavano was quite a day on the 23rd. Since we drove in at night we didn’t know what the Angel currently looked like. We thought this was it.

    So making our way up we tried to climb the right ridge. It turned out to be a nightmare. Lots of trees to grab your boards, loose rocks etc. No skinning which really sucked cause my skins are heavy and I boot packed them all the way up with everything else. Didn’t need the things all day. Here I am suffering on the way up.

    Then we came to a bench where we took a break and saw the real angel.

    Then again the weather was perfect hardly a breeze and nice and warm. We took in some lunch and enjoyed the view from 2000 ft higher than where we started.

    Our cars are down here somewhere.

    Here is another look at the Angel, you can also see the”Grinch” of Shavano, and our friend Billy that Bucky tried to catch a little later.

    Vince and John topping a ridge

    Steve catching his breath.

    Since we took the long way we missed our opportunity to summit, so we had to settle for doing the Angel Couloir. Here is a look from the top of the right arm of the Angel.

    The snow was perfectly corned so down we went.

    John and Bella



    and Myself

    At the bottom everything turned to mush and it was a pain in the ass getting out of there. Still after 4000 feet of climbing and just under 3000 feet on the descent, it was more than worth the effort.

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    Thught I’d come over and check out the splitboard forum. Nice TR !

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    What up V! Good to see you over here. A quick glance at the weather for this week leads me to believe a Shelf road trip may be in order. You interested?

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    Mayyyyyyyyyyyybe, but I might climb/ski something. I’m still not sure.

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