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    Hi men.

    Last trip for me until until next winter.

    First day Madaleta Peak:

    Entrance into the Maladeta Glacier, at the background the summit

    VIew of the glacier from the summit

    Second day Aneto Peak:

    Skinning up the glacier in the early morning

    Views from the foothill after descent

    Now its time for the marmots to enjoy the mountain!

    Have a nice summer!


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    Thanks Raul. Good to see its still in swing over there. How long does a usual season last there?

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    from december to may… but every year is different.
    this year has been quite rainy and hot.


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    Nice job! But as my friend says whenever I say that,”It’s not a job!”. What part/mountains in Spain do you usually ride? It would be cool to hook up with a splitter in Europe sometime. That damn Euro is way to strong though 😥

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    Usually pirenees, there are other places, but mainly in the north of spain people use to ride there


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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