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    Just curious if a NE demo would even fly… and where? The dacks, whites, chic chocs? That’s pretty much the target terrain here, along w/ a few more intimate spots in VT and ME.

    The demo could stand alone or could combine w/ an exisiting annual tele/bc demo (ie, NY adk fest). I’m suggesting a combo (much easier for reps) at whiteface/adk loj or wildcat/pinkham with late feb or early march ’08 date, at least for the first couple years. Tours, avy & safety workshops, gear, etc.

    East coasters… your thoughts, location, dates? How many avid splitboarders are even on the East coast anyway, and are they actually making ascents or just sitting on their gear until their next trip out west?

    I’m willing to do some legwork and contact manufacturers (w/ a foot in) to guage interest, but only if the demand is there.

    Let me know. Peace —

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    Hey vtbc (mind if I call you that? 🙂 ),
    You may remember that I was talking a lot about such an animal a few weeks ago, and a couple of other people including ikkin were on board with it too. Haven’t done much with it for the last month or so, but we got in touch with people from Backcountry Mag (published in VT) and they agreed to help us get in touch with reps at companies and ski resorts… Before people scream “Ski resort? WTF?!?” I’ll say that ikkin and I were looking at Mt. Mansfield/Stowe as a good option, because it’s got Backcountry accessible from a resort area.

    Anyway, as I said, we haven’t done much in the last month or so, but we could very easily try to resurrect this. I guess the first step will be confirming a venue, and defining what we want to offer. My lack of action thus far I will blame on not know ing the Mansfield/Stowe area first hand… IF anyone does know that area, and is interested in stepping up, I think we can probably put something together pretty quickly.


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    i work at a respectable shop here in Mass. and i wouldn’t mind getting flyers up and telling people about it. this is my first season splitboarding but can not wait to go and tell all on how great it is.

    Count me in.

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    if we need someone to go talk with backcountry mag i am located in Jeffersonville now myself.

    SIDENOTE/PLUG: all we need is snow now! (edit)

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    something in NY. this link is for last years fest i believe.

    more info:

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    just joined shep, a new conversation for me.

    thanks all. stowe would work, i know it intimately. mansfield bc is VERY competitive, especially any sidecountry terrain or anything gravity fed off lifts. usually tracked w/in 4 hours, even mansfield bc classics like hellbrook and the bruce are tagged up by noon, easy. still, with that said, it’s not about the powder for this event. it’s about the gear.

    at stowe, the smugglers notch road (vt route 108) is closed in the winter between smugglers notch resort and stowe. this is public land and outside both resort boundaries. the area would definitely work for a demo, perfect for skinning up to the pass and back just to check out different setups. i propose the reps set up in a small area in stowes midway lodge at the bottom of the gondola, just steps from the notch road entrance. this would give them better visibility too for the on-piste day riders/skiers, with more brand impressions. the notch would at least give attendees a chance to skin up w/ demo gear outside the resort, then hit the lifts or trees for a board flex and feel test.

    i’d hope we’d be able to get at least burton, voile and bc mag to sign on w/ LIMITED demo gear and RSVP list (8-10 demo setups total), but not sure about prior and others, being so west coast oriented. still, maybe with some advertising in the montreal market (target chic choc guest demographic). i’d be happy to take the lead here w/ established relations and contacts w/ companies.

    remember, to the manufacturers and reps attending its all about sales conversion. they want to see product trial to turn into sales. what a better way to check stuff out and decide, then buy educated. maybe for once we’d see split product at retail in new england…

    let me know your thoughts —

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    If based out of Stowe, the Mt Mansfield X-Country center has access into the Steeple, Bruce trail, etc. Not a bad place to learn to split and some decent trees also.

    Always worth the trip when someone on skinny skis and Lycra comes around the corner and sees a snowboarder in helmet/pack etc on the groomed runout. Important to be respectful of their space but the look on their face is priceless…..

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    maybe for once we’d see split product at retail in new england.


    A friend of mine went into a shop recently just north of nyc and the sales guy had no clue what a splitboard was. I thought that was kind of funny, but i guess thats reality (for now) on the east coast.

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