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    This last month has kept the manufacturers busy as they’ve moved from one trade show to the next. Lucky for us, Amplid’s owner Peter Bauer was able to carve out some time during the ISPO wintersports trade show to tell us about next season’s split lineup.

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    Thanks for the video link. The last question about his opinions on the trend of long sidecut radius was a surprise and an excellent question. Is there really a trend happening towards long scr? I might be missing something but the gear rumor threads are full of short pow slashers with throw-back shapes and cool graphics.

    His response that sidecut is a personal thing pretty much sums it up. All my <9m radius boards are in the project quiver ready to be wallhangers or benches.

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    @permnation I’m not sure if there is an actual trend towards a longer scr but it appears that interest has grown for it. Last year Amplid was looking for ideas here in the forums on what their next LAB board should be. The majority seemed to be asking for something with a longer scr.

    The question was also posed to Peter due to the increase in the scr of the miligram (while not much, 8 to 9 I believe) over last season’s LAB Carbon Splitboard. I’m always curious to hear designers thoughts and opinions.

    I should have asked the eternal hardboot vs softboot question..

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    I should have asked the eternal hardboot vs softboot question..

    Ha, ha yeah that would’ve been great!! As someone who launched and made his career in hardboots his opinion on hardboots in Splitboarding would’ve been gold.

    Drooling over that Miligram already, even though I just got my Lab Carbon Split. 🙂

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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