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    I just picked up an Amplid Milligram 163. I have only ridden it once here in CO so this is just first impressions. One scary thing about buying this board is that typically you are buying it direct from Germany. I wasn’t too sure about how their customer service would be if something went wrong. Unfortunately I did have to deal with some issues on the first board delivered but I will say their customer service was above par. They took back the first board due to some cosmetic issues and replaced it with a proper board. No cost to me including no shipping costs. They also threw in a sweatshirt for my trouble. I would have preferred no issues but it was good to know they were responsive and took care of the issue. As to board itself, it looks top notch. The weight is 5.9 pounds with the hardware. They list the weight without hardware at 5.6 pounds. I am not sure about the hardware weight itself but I am guessing this is all pretty close to what it is supposed to be. My previous board is a 2014 arbor abacus. This board weighed about 7.6 pounds and was more of a freestyle type board. The Milligram is noticeably a faster board down the hill and holds a turn much more solid. It is not as flexible as my arbor and not quite as poppy but I would not say the stiffness was overpowering or was a negative. I was riding in about 4 inches of fresh snow on top of a reasonably soft base. The board floated in this snow without issue and went through the imperfect snow without getting out of whack. On the climbs, regardless of the weight, the board climbed great. It seemed much more connected to the snow and laid flat when hiking than my past two boards. I didn’t do a long enough day to see if the low weight had any real effects but I imagine it won’t hurt at a minimum. So far so good. I can’t say the ride was life changing, but overall I was impressed. The durability is my big question mark and we will just have to see about that. The biggest impression I got was that the board is really fast and with that, it put a good grin on my face.


    You probably saw the other thread, but just in case, it is here. There are similarities in our initial thoughts. That review might help with some of your durability questions. I bought a new one this year, but because our snow pack is so thin, I am still riding my original Milligram, now in its 3 season. I am hitting rocks every tour this season and it continues to hold up great.

    There is also a Milligram review on the homepage with multiple rider’s perspectives.

    Hope you have enough snow in Colorado to keep riding it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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