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    I have lurked for long enough, here is my first TR. Went to Alta yesterday after 24 hrs of lake induced puke in Salt lake and the Wasatch. Reports at Alta of 3 ft+ were common. We had two good runs before work and the conditions were nothing less than epic. By far the best first day of the year, ever.



    Anyway, it was good. Thanks to our friend collin for shooting the pics. Koji is in the helmet. More snow on the way. :thatrocks: :rock: :headbang:

    Rico in AZ
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    Well done lurker. Keep the stoke comin’!

    Nice sig too.

    Stagger Lee
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    Yesterday was indeed nice! I wonder if I saw you guys. There were quite a few splitters out.

    Nice pics :thatrocks:

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    Sweet shots! Dang you Utah guys and your light pow and sunny skies! Thanks for the TR – keep ’em coming :thumpsup:

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    so nice to see that light fluffy utah snow! wow.

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    Dude, that day was epic! “Best first day ever!” ha ha ha, that’s for UB.

    looking forward to round 2, thanks for posting these.

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    Snowboarders killing it at Alta – sweet! :headbang:

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    DAAAAAAAYYYYAAAMMMMM that looks fun! :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

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    :thumpsup: awesome…thats done it for me…..will sell house ,leave wife and kids, abandon all i have worked for …… and be there tomorrow…….i wish…. :thatrocks:

    Unruly Baker
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    @DrKoKo wrote:

    Dude, that day was epic! “Best first day ever!” ha ha ha, that’s for UB.

    Fuck both yo couches!!! 😥 How come no pics or tales of “the hole” that NC told me about? I heard it was “epic”. shit

    Nice work. It wasn’t near that fluffy by the time I got to it Friday.

    I’ll strike when you least expect it…… :ninja:


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    Hit the cirque at Snowbird on Thursday morning. Didn’t see a soul on the skin up. Some of the deepest turns I’ve ever had at the Bird. Did a couple of laps and then headed to work. Drove past the parking lot at Alta. There had to have been least a 100 cars there by 9:00 AM.

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    Sickter!! You should post the PDF version I saw, way more pics. I hate all you Utards out there, but don’t worry, its go time here in the Rado!! keep up the the posting and stop lurking!!!


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