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    My wife and are planning a trip to Anchorage in late Feb to see the hounds drag the dudes on the sled. I hope to have some time to board as well. Do I stay in bounds at Alyeska? or does anyone have some suggestions for some fun riding that requires a split board. I don’t anticipate renting a helicopter and making a movie!

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    I’d avoid Aly on the weekends, try turnagain pass. Weekdays if the snow is/has fallen, aly is the shit!

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    I would say, depending on conditions, that Hatcher Pass is your best bet. Easily accessible and a gorgeous drive. Arctic Valley is fun if you only have a few hours. Ptarmigan Peak is a accessible as well if there is decent snow. This would be approached from the south. Google Earth it.

    Good luck man!

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    There is some great riding at Alyeska when those areas are open. I second the advice on turn again pass.

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    Hatcher Pass north of Wasilla in the Talkeetnas is incredible. There is a paved, well maintained road with multiple snow parks and pullouts. I have had a full day of lapping the area with vehicle support. For an approximately 700 foot climb, you can get nearly 2,000 vertical feet down to the road on the other side. The best terrain can be had by skinning up through Independence; an old gold mining town. Its just a really cool and unique area to tour and I love going there every trip. Also Turnagain Pass on the Seward highway south of Portage is just mind blowing! Its on my to do list for next trip. Iv`e eyeballed it but haven’t toured there yet.

    Alaska DNR website:

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    Those sound like some awesome suggestions. Thanks

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