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    Recently moved to Anchorage and would like to meet cool people to get out there with and earn some turns. I’m currently shopping for a split but have snowshoes and a board in the mean time. Have taken avy course and have a beacon/shovel.

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    I have an extra split if you need, has plates and skins… just needs your bindings. I am always looking for someone new to split with myself. Mostly the Turnagain area. If you’re still booting, I highly recommend Tincan Peak… there’s always a virtual highway heading up there. PM me if you like, I live in Girdwood…

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    D-Green! Sorry bro – I wasnt ignoring you, I just missed this reply and just saw it when I went to reactivate the thread. I’ll definitely PM you my number.

    I finally got a split and have taken it out twice at arctic valley. I was heading to tincan today but everyone bailed due to the avy danger and visability. I’m guessing it wasnt that bad later in the day.

    Any other AK splitters out there?!

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    There’s a couple of us down here in Kodiak, but that doesn’t do you much good.

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    I’m a weekend warrior who partners up with a skier pretty regularly and we mostly ride turnagain. If you want to tag along and can deal with riding with a skier 🙂 your welcome to catch a ride out there with us.
    Peak 3 is always a good option for a quick in town solo session if your really jonezing.

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    Phillip – when I venture out beyond Anchorage I’ll definitely hit you up. Do the same if you’re heading this way.

    Mooserider – I’ll PM you my number. Let me know next time you head out.

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    I’m looking for a partner for day trips. I live in Anchorage. email me dionis_ua@yahoo(dot)com if you wanna go shred some pow. 😉

    Akmooserider was that you on Peak 3 on sunday 22 with your buddy?

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    Nope, not me.

    Savage Pooh
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    I’m new to Anchorage and am stuck with only skier friends. I’ve been splitting since 09 and have Avi level 1. Always stoked to get out, even if it’s just to look a bad snow. I’ll be looking to get out this weekend. Tin Can was pretty good saturday, it’d be worth another look.

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    I’m in Anchorage and with a new job I am looking to ride on Monday and Tuesday. Anyone else have an off schedule and down to head to the hills?

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    @ Brad, Sorry I missed you. I have an open schedule too and would have been down to ride Monday. PM me so we can link up some other time.

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    Juneau resident here, will be in Anchorage this Friday (15th) to Monday (18th) and will be riding Alyeska probably saturday at least. I know its not splitting but if anyone wanted to meet up for some turns, I’d be there.

    Anyone from the S.E. in here??

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    Hi all,

    I’m new to the forum, lookin for some new people to split with. This is my second winter split boarding. Have avy 1 and a snowmachine. I live in Wasilla, going to school in Anchorage, so my schedule is pretty sporadic. Hatchers is definitely my go to spot, but I’m more than willing to drive down south when conditions call for it. PM me if you need a partner!

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    Hey I’m riding hatchers about 4 times a week if you wanna get out.

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    I’m out in the valley and would love to meet some local splitboarders to tour Hatcher. Just completed an Avy 1 class in Jan.

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