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    AK is Rideable, but variable and somewhat marginal.

    Sweet couly to shred in the early season, for sure.

    Went back up and tried out another chute the next day.

    Need a refresh, but it’s good to be out in the mountains


    Awesome! Those are sweet early season turns.


    NICE! tell Jed that his bro tried to kill my woman in Antarctica! see you soon.


    Yeah JVL!! Thanks for the stoke :thatrocks:


    Full day for that stuff?
    U can’t be getting much time in the way of light ?



    Whistler Mav – We got plenty of light here ; 10:30 am start – back at the trailhead by 4:30 for these missions, but even in the coming dark months there is is at least solid 6 hours of skiing time possible. Dec-Jan start in the dark usually and maybe return in the dark too, but it works. The cold is the bigger problem – Jan start skinning at -20 f or colder even. Take a 5 minute break and you are going hypo. No room for errors then.

    D Green – That dude is as loose as a goose, so I am not surprised. BGnight and I watched him start a massive slab and just disappear into the abyss. Finally he popped out and then sent the heli back up to get us for a sketchy ass toe-in pick up. But I always tip him phat because he makes it happen.


    Oh BTW DGreen- cant wait to hear about your trip man! Looking forward to the TR. Just don’t take 5 months to put it up like me.


    Solid work on Hatcher Pass, the first couloir almost looks like the Books in Valdez. Can’t wait to get back there and explore again this year. CO has some big pow this year if you make it down. See what you can do to get Thompson Pass open and great stoke as always man.


    that second line looks cool.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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