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    It’s been a long time, so I’ll see how this goes…

    I put up a photo of “The Diamond” many years ago from a trip report on another mountain. It takes quite a while for the stars to align and allow for “Big Game” hunting around here, but they’ve aligned and it’s go time! Speaking of which, anyone who’s ever wanted to come to AK (and you all have!), this is the year to do it. It has been a non stop Dump fest up in the mountains this winter and if no where else, Valdez is all time I hear! Anyhow, back to The Diamond.

    Our Goal

    and the long journey up brick hard avalanche chunder begins…

    until it becomes a bootpack (looking up)

    a looooong strenuous bootpack. Looking down at my seriously lagging skier friend

    At the top of the bootpack and on the ridge we came across a fresh set of boot tracks. My splitter friend wondered aloud if they were from yesterday or today to which a reply came from seemingly no where; “They’re probably from the guy waiting for you to get out of the fucking couloir!” Whoa! Where’d that come from? Then a skier came out of the blue and sped by our friend down below and into the abyss. I still have no idea where he came from…

    then onto the ridge of rock and ice, pure hell

    where we got a good look at some new objectives

    There’s always new objectives to be found on top of a mountain

    A head scratching amount of new objectives!

    A virtual ocean of mountains known as The Chugach!

    Enough of that though, it’s time to drop!

    Stage 1 was done, and it was Steep And Deep! (I love those words) Sorry about the skier action, it happens…

    Then it was on to stage 2…


    and skier

    And finally stage 3:


    and this what “I” look like at the bottom of a run like this

    You know, after a day of hiking up (in red) and riding down (in green) a mountain of this magnitude

    You might also look like this

    So one last look at some more mountains around us in the Quickly fading daylight

    and of course our lines

    and that was what I call a good day in AK!

    stay safe out there

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    fookin A D-Greenz! always posted big things….nice work, sir!

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