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    There is an AIARE course provider teaching classes in Lassen!

    The Outdoor Adventure Club offers AIARE 1 & 2 courses as well as a unique and practical Level 1 refresh weekend in Lassen.

      Small group sizes
      More personal attention
      Taught by splitboarders

    Our classes are known for having small group sizes (typically 4-5 students), so you receive significant personal attention. You won’t get lost in the crowd, and we provide significant time to answer your questions during the class. We also offer a housing option in our house there, so you can talk to your instructor before and after class hours, giving you even more personal attention. You’ll find that a lot of the comprehension happens when you ask questions over beers after dinner.

    Outdoor Adventure Club avy classes are taught by splitboarders who, in addition to being AIARE educators, guide backcountry splitboard trips in Lassen.

    Private classes can be scheduled for you or your group of friends, or join in one of our regularly scheduled classes.

    Scheduled classes:
    AIARE 1:
    Dec 27-29
    Jan 17-19 (MLK)
    Feb 14-16 (presidents)
    March 16-18 (midweek)

    AIARE 2
    Feb 28-March 3

    Let me know if you have any questions about the class, riding in Lassen, or avalanches in general.

    Richard Bothwell
    Program Director, Guide
    AIARE Level 1 and 2 Avalanche Educator
    & CFO (Chief Fun Officer)
    Outdoor Adventure Club
    “Go ahead, check us out…you’re on the clock!”

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