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    Hello. I’m starting to consider a new diy short-board for days without any new stuff around, and some of the all mountain rossignol boards have my attention. They have shorter sizes with wide models, are rated on the stiffer side, cambered center with rocker tip/tail, and and have various levels of magnetraction because it gets crusty in new zealand. I was wondering about their cores though. I was mostly looking at the wide versions of the One, Templar, and Jibsaw models. If anyone has any experience with these boards some opinions would be very appreciated.

    I would likely go for the One for the stiffness and design, but I’m not sure about the core’s CBF1 which looks like some stiffening strip (basalt fibers) right in the center/cut area. And how are the kevlar/aramid things, are they through the entire width of the board or do they not get cut?

    Next option is the Jibsaw, which looks the CBF2 has the stiffening strips along the outer edges, so that wouldn’t get cut, but the kevlar patches are still there so do those cause any problems?

    And then a notch down on the stiffness scale is the Templar, but it looks like it’s missing the basalt stringers and kevlar patches tech, just standard fiberglassed board which could be a good consolation choice for splitting.

    Any opinions or experience is extremely appreciated.


    Matt Wood
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    I can’t speak of the models your considering but the krypto is one of my favorites. Although I use mine as a dedicated low angle pow board and it is a few centimeters longer than my every day split (57 TRice diy as they all are). I split 3 additional kryptos for friend and they all love them.


    I’ve read a few of the posts on the krypto and would definitely consider that if I end up going to Japan again but they don’t do a shorter size in the wide version – I think 25.2cm (what i can find for the waist width of the 156) is too narrow for me after cutting in half. But the core construction looks similar to the templar (no kevlar/basalt bits) but it’s rated stiffer, so I just wonder if the templar would be stiff enough to begin with before cutting (it can get rather choppy and crunchy where I am)

    How stiff is your krypto after splitting? Super stiff, or moderate? Rossignol puts it at 8/10 but every company’s ratings vary a bit.

    thanks for the response

    Matt Wood
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    After some serious scientific testing (flexing the shit out of all my splits) I’d say it is probably the least stiff, except for the Ride DH. Others are all libs, J Lynn, skate banana, TRS. That said it flexes in different way. It’s tip and tail are real flexy while it is pretty stiff between the inserts. Almost bought a jibsaw from a local shops demo fleet end of last season to split but demoed it and thought it was way to soft. Maybe you should widen your search. I will say that I only ride the rossi when avy danger is high and we are just meadow skipping in deep low angle powder. For virtually everything else I ride my Rice. The rossi doesn’t handle the late season early summer “variable” conditions. Hope I have been a help.


    I am interested in other opinions for board options. But I’m hoping to find a shortish (156-158). widish (over 25.5 so there is enough widths still after the cut) cambered board with good grip (which is why i was considering magnetraction) and on the stiffer side but still fun for a bit of mountain freestyle. And hopefully with a core that doesn’t cause issues if cutting in half… That probably narrows my choices down quite a bit…

    All I can really find currently are the Rossignols, Jones Mt Twin Solid 158W, the Lib Half Cap 157MW, a couple of the smokin snowboard models. Any other suggestions?


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