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    This isn’t split specific but I figured there would be some well-informed opinions on the board…

    An early season trip to Revelstoke pretty much tore up my resort board and gave me an excuse to buy an new one. I’m buying into the hype and looking to buy a reverse camber board – purely for inbounds/sidecountry riding. Maybe someday if I like it enough I’ll split it but for now it will remain solid

    Any thoughts on the two? I am particularly interested in views on the relative durability. NS seems to have a great rep on this front but I am intrigued by the magnetraction feature of the Lib boards.

    anyone have experience with the two? I have never ridden either brand. All my experience is Salomon/Burton/Rossi and my split is a Prior.

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    I’ve never been on a Lib Tech, but I’ve had 5 Never Summer boards. My rock board just got retired after 8 seasons and probably about 4-500 days on snow, if that is any indicator of durability. And I am a pretty abusive rider. I only have a few days on my new Legacy R, but it is the best all-mountain pow/freestyle board I have ever been on. I might even have Monk split it. Though I don’t have any first hand experience, I’ve heard great things about Magnetraction, and I’m stoked to see Lib Tech pushing lots of new technology into snowboards, and their quality appears to be way better than it was a few years ago.

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    Thats a wicked hard decision and one in which I don’t think you can go wrong. Both have an unbelievable feel with the reverse camber. If you haven’t rode reverse camber yet, do what you can to switch now. They are loose when you want (when your up on tip or tail) and instant edge when you need. Its wierd to explain, but feels so natural when your on the board. Both also have tweeked the sidecut of their boards. Lib with magnatraction, and NS with Vario Power Sidecut. Both technologies really only come into play when your plowing through crud and chop.

    NS does give one big up with a 3 year warranty and a bombproof build. But Lib’s build quality is right up there with the best. If I am not mistaken, I think they are pretty much even in price too.

    I just realized I wrote all this and have probably haven’t help you out an inch. Can you buy them both?

    I am on a Lib Snow Mullet BTX right now and love it. But I often do trade with my bro that has a NS SL R and love it when I ride it too.

    Flip a coin?

    Jon Dahl
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    I vote for the NS Legacy SL-R. Even though I’ve not been on either. Why? I think Lib’s rocker on all BUT the Hammock is just kinda screwy. Why the kink in the center of the board?? The Hammock makes more sense, flat between the bindings, nice rocker out to the tip/tail. NS camber rocker is sensible for some hardpack riding with a limited amount of camber between the feet, yet nicely rockered out from there. You will, once in a while, have to deal with ice/hardpacked snow. Just my $.02…it would be the off the shelf board I’d buy out of all the choices out there.

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    ^^^ I think you’ve got it wrong. For starters, the NS is rockered between the feet, with camber from the inserts out to the tip and tail. The Lib is similar, but without any camber at all. NS claims this gives the benefits of rocker, but the camber at the tips also let you pop, and I feel they are right about that. Boards that are rockered beyond the inserts, but flat or cambered in the middle may work well in pow, or for jibbing, but think of the effective edge you are losing on hard snow. Get on one and try it out, super fun. Now if someone can tell me how well a rockered board does on the skintrack…

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    The lib rocker really isn’t strange at all…you have to ride it o understand 😉

    I have a 2009 trice 165 and a 165 btx mullet. I love both of these boards. I’ve been riding for 20 years and have had too many boards. Between the Mullet and the Trice, the Trice can be ridden quite a bit faster in hard crappy snow. It is stiffer, has a fast sintered base, and is a twin with a directional flex and slight setback. f you are an old school rider that really carves you will notice that you loose a bit of speed out of turns, but in a way that is made up somewhat in the edge pressure you have between your feet (plus the MTX)

    That being said, compared to the mullet, it is really decent in deep powder, but requires more effort (obviously) than the mullet.

    I rarely ride the Trice as the Mullet satisfies me enough for the terrain I ride.

    Deejayoh, I’m selling the Trice as I need to trim down the quiver in preparation for a 172 Spearhead split. PM if you are interested… it has a few minor base scars that have been repaired.


    173 Venture Euphoria, 167 burton baron ES, 165 BTX mullet, 165 Trice BTX, old 167 burton baron sh*t split

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    Hey –
    Just getting back to read this. I pulled the trigger on a NS SL-R earlier this week. It’s sposta be delivered on Thursday. In the end I went with the power of the 3-yr warranty – that plus you can’t even find a Lib BTX board around these days. Everyplace has had a run on anything reverse camber

    Looking forward to getting out on the new stick this weekend.

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    N.S. Evo-R for the son, cough me cough, cough.

    If I get my hands on it, I’ll let you know.

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    Day one on the NS was good. Got up to Baker. Not a ton of new snow but I got out on the Arm for one good run. Lots of pop and quick side to side. Me likey.

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