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    We headed up in calm skies…and found insane winds.
    So we start hiking and the visibility is already pretty nil. Cant see the other mountains and whatnot but not to bad. untill about 2 miles in the wind all of a sudden hits, and it hits hard. Visibilty goes from good to nothing in seconds. we can see blankets coming from above and they smack us like there solid. Yet its not to bad going up the “valley” we knew we were headed to so we pressed on. Visibilty opened up a bit later and all of a sudden i say “whoa…..wait a minute we are not in the right spot!”
    Dane thought differently so we continued. Later finding i was correct. we ended up on the other side of the mountain than we were supposed to be on. a rather steep hill of snow. So we dug a test pit for avalanches and it tested pretty good so we continued up to the ledge. we figured we would get the ridge than head to the wedge and come down the way we should have came up. All was going ok untill we got to the ridge. It would gust so hard that we had to lay down and knuckle into the ground because it was so intense. couldnt see couldnt feel anything but cold.
    Had to be 80+mph. So we look up and an openeing shows us that there is a topout somewhere above and we decide to head to that spot than scope out if we want to go any further. All of a sudden a gust hits ….hard. We slam the ground trying to hold onto the ridge with ledges on both sides of us and Dane starts to slide, The wind is blowing him off the ridge!!! so he grabs my leg and i start to go to! He lets go figuring that it would be better for one of us to go than both and all of a sudden the wind stops. we decide from that point that now is the time to bail and we start heading back. from there on it was just a long long windy excursion with gusts from 80-50mph.
    now im at home. frozen to the core. windburned face and frozen digits. It was so windy with such crappy visibilty at the peak we didnt even get to board. So i guess its more of just a Split report from me 🙂

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    This picture says it all, you must wave been out in that mega low preasure storm we had about a week and a half ago? “damn elements”

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    Right on Prez!

    Way to get some. 🙂
    Days like that in the mtns make the bluebird/fair-weather days even that much sweeter. You gotta love it all.

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    So much wind, they even took the chairs off the lift cables 😉

    @Prezwoodz wrote:

    Cool pics though, that one of you sitting behind the tree is classic. The thing I like about splitting is even if you get crappy turns, or even no turns at all, the journey itself is still loads of fun 😀

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    THis was just yesterday 😉

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