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    Kyle Miller

    With Crystals snow phone reporting 18 inches overnight and the promise of more on its was I went out with John Cocci and took advantage of some Waist deep north facing lines in the Silver Basin.
    Here is the link
    The snow was wet and heavy.

    and the storm was raging

    But man was it sick.

    Gunbarrel officially tracked

    Round 2

    The next day it officially nuked with over two feet of POW. Conditions were so sick that there was no reason to leave the resort. Saturday was my first lift serviced day of the season.

    On Sunday Avalanche danger was high so we carefully looked at our options taking in account Wind loading, slope angle and terrain traps. After quickly checking out with the Crystal Mountain ski patrol we were on our way up the low angled slopes of Pickhandle Basin. There were signs everywhere indicating conditions were sketch from recent slides covered in a few inches of snow to the snow sliding when we made steep switchbacks. It was obvious we were going through a big avalanche cycle and any terrain that was safe wouldn’t be steep enough to ride so we called it quits and turned around. Minutes later a natural avalanche went down the gut of the terrain we climbed next to. While we wouldn’t have been exposed it was still a wake up call.

    On Monday it was back to the lifts to track Powder Bowl which with stood the weekend crowd with High Cambell closed. We lapped thigh deep pow in all the random staches all over the mountain before calling it good around noon. Its easy to get back into that go go go mentality and before you know it your on the chair more then snowboarding.

    For the next few days the freezing level sky rocketed and nothing was safe to the 7000 ft freezing level raining on the waist deep snow.

    Justin contacted me saying he was in town for the day (Friday) and wanted to head to the Crystal BC. While not stoked on conditions I was game to take him on a scenic tour that would display multiple possible lines across the way.
    What was supposed to be 2 inches turned out to be a foot in some areas and it rode surprisingly well as we rode down the south face of Crown Point.
    here is the link
    Skinnning out towards Crown

    High Cambell and Powder Bowl from Crown Point

    Rocking my new gear from the peeps from TREW with Rainier in the background.(the gear is bomber)

    Dan drops in first

    then Justin

    then lastly myself

    It was a sick day proving there is good snow to be found but I am stoked for a few days of sunshine :D.


    Kyle, appreciate you letting me tag along and slow you down. A few pics of the day.

    Kyle skinning

    A pic of Dan taking one of the above pics

    Dan forgets to transition and skis down instead. holbyco would be impressed.

    Dan again

    Kyle’s turn

    Many many many many lines thru perfectly spaced trees left untouched

    Kyle’s jacket has high expectations and only gave the day one thumb up

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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