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    I haven’t posted any tr’s this year. One big reason is leaving the camera behind many, if not most days. I spent a solid year focusing on photos in general. This culminated with a couple of shows at a local wine bar and cafe during the winter. Thankfully, I sold a number of prints at those two shows and was able to get my name out as a local photog for hire. Beyond those paid gigs, my motivation waned. I needed to remember what I truly love about skiing. I needed to just go. And not piddlefart around with some camera.

    Of course a few photos were taken. These are the ones that help me remember the season.

    mt. rose wilderness

    the friends

    In January, at my annual birthday chili cook off, my ol’ girl Maddaroo, began having seizures. I spent the evening lying on the bedroom floor with her. The next day we put her down because of a brain tumor. She was 14 years old.


    Her last walk down to the beach looked like this

    The following weekend we headed down to the ocean to remember old maddaroo in one of her favorite places

    sarah and dakota


    el mar

    but the storms returned, as did my buddy Jake and I to the cabin

    This would be the first trip in 15 years without Maddaroo or his old dog, Bob…

    But the new school was there.

    and they like skiin’ more than those old ladies did

    maybe more than the grown ups even…

    eventually the dog and I made it down to tioga for a very short window of good weather…

    Trip reports and condition checks told stories of brutal wind. But the road opened, and camping sounded fun anyway, so we went.

    coleville high school

    walker river

    this spot doesn’t really need an introduction now, does it?

    aspen campground

    we heard grumblings of pow on the pass, so we through a bag together and went to have a look

    the “we”

    a couple of laps on gaylor in the afternoon


    the next day dawned bluebird and relatively windless


    dakota’s apres

    and now, after a long season, and perhaps a little ride here and there still to do, I am ready for summer… I have a pregnant wife and a large garden and a growler of beer to go sit in the backyard with…

    thanks for readin’

    Rico in AZ
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    Maybe the nicest TR that didn’t contain a single splitboard EVAR!

    Post up here once in a while, huh? (But I know of that other place you post, so carry on 😀 )

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    Beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed reading that TR! Thanks for sharing!

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    Bravo, Many Thanks!

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    really sorry bout yer dog though it sounds like he was one helluva lucky pup picking you for a pop

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    Great have a good eye.

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    Very nicely done.

    spruce cabin
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    Yee-haw! Please keep ’em coming.
    Congrats on the bambino(a).

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    Thanks for all the comments. Some gnar-core tr’s around here so I tend to just look around and get stoked on this site these days.

    @gimpy-thanks, she was an old lady… It was hard because it was sudden but not totally shocking. She had a great last week and got to see everybody she loved the night before we put her down. Now it’s fecking hot and she’s probably happy to miss it.

    cabin-thank you, the wife is due November 20th… She’s not big yet, but she’s round and noticeably pregnant. So far summer has been relatively light duty. I did sneak in a ski today but there is a lot of napping around our house. No complaints. And a built-in designated driver is nice during concert and bbq season.

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    Yeah buddy! Sick sick photos. I have to give you props for using a PBR can as a subject. I took this two weeks ago on mono lake
    I thought you’d appreciate it:

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    thanks brooks,

    I call it PBaRt…

    you know, reno is a small town and you and I travel in concurrent circles. I know you get out with Hatchett quite a bit, but don’t you do a little riding with Eliot Drake?

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    Awesome pics reno! Thanks for sharing. :thatrocks:

    So many good ones but the dock shots are my favs!

    Congrats on the baby too! Welcome to the hardest (and most rewarding) thing you’ll ever do!

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    I see that COLORADO beer there!

    @renoenvy wrote:

    You’ve got some good taste. :guinness:

    christoph benells
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    whatch out theres a whole post against this tr! ha, no those pics were awesome reminded me of the 7 years of my life i spent between mammoth, tahoe and yosemite. walker river canyon is forever burned in my brain!

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    Yeah, these are some great shots! Sorry about the pup.

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    Awesome! You do a great job of capturing the essence of the eastside.

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    thanks again for all the nice comments. I’m glad y’all liked the tr…

    @nickstayner wrote:

    Awesome! You do a great job of capturing the essence of the eastside.

    Thank you very much. There are some rad mountaineer dudes around here, I just go ski some pow with my buddy and the dogs… And my dog and I get on down to lee vining canyon when the road opens to the top, for a little skiin’, er, snowboarding, a little campin, and a little beer drinkin’ and hippy watchin’ at the mobil.

    I’d imagine there’ll be some light duty backpackin’ and climbin’ tr’s this summer.

    Er. maybe one at the end of summer.

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    Awesome images and story line.

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    thanks for sharing. i always enjoy reviewing a few top quality photos, and have shot a lot of skiers and skin tracks myself. i hope to see more of your work posted on here, regardless of the content. every internet forum is full of kids with nothing better to do than read something they are not interested in and then spend half a day complaining about it.

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