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    Not me(I wish) but I have ridden & hung out with Jake Buzianis(pink & black Best kite & brown gear) the guy featured in most of it. Helluva nice guy. Just hope someday my skills can get me to this level

    Hope you enjoy :thumpsup:


    Thanks for posting lew!

    Some of that airtime looks 😯 . :thatrocks:

    Jon Dahl

    Thanks for that! :rock: Some BIG air there….snowkiting is the only sport that might coerce me to duck stance. I’ve been looking at Ozone kites this spring/summer, may pull the trigger early winter and get lessons, too. Just have to see how finances work out. I have wifey approval if I can put the financial together w/o killing the budget. Gotta love that woman! :thumpsup:


    BCR – thanks for putting in this section :drinks:

    Jake’s got amazing skills – I watched him & 3 other “pro” kiters last winter at Island Park sessioning a rail in excellent wind & snow conditions. The other “pros” wished they could be Jake. This viddy just shows how far ranging his skills go.

    Jon – you won’t go wrong with Ozone – they make great stuff. Just got my 1st Ozone a week ago – can’t wait to get out with it. Lessons are well worth it & maybe a trainer kite to play with which can also be used down the road in nuclear conditions. Your wife might even like it.


    Thats just sick. crazy air. I am going to have to give this a try

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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