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    While the tone of the thread is going in the right direction, I think we’re going to have use a little more profanity before we can really call ourselves “the Rap Crowd,” mmkay?

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    @Zach wrote:

    As far as I could tell, this was a legitimately interesting conversation, until you and “HuFfer” decided that it was necessary to jump in and tell us all how wonderful you both are and how stupid that makes the rest of us.


    Unlike yourself, I have never once on this forum said anything about my abilities or knowledge, I simply called someone on their lack of it.

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    zzzzz, snore, zzzzz, snore.

    This horse is dead.


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    Yeah but what about tying knots in the end of your rope, and what knot should you use to join ropes for a double-rope rappel?



    better yet hey, Pull my finger….that’ll clear the room.

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    Back to the actual topic.

    An old friend of mine who guides on rock had this to say about rapping off of Spectra slings:

    1. Because of the slipperiness of Spectra, it is actually “easier” to pull the rope through, after rapping, without causing friction burns on the rope.

    2. However, with Spectra or any Nylon Webbing, sling, etc.. The slightest tug or equalization on either side of the rope can cause enough friction to burn through the sling… consider the load on the rope, typically stretched to it’s static point by then, so the sheeth fibers are more taught and consequently more abbrasive.

    Like I said; lot’s of people have gotten away with lot’s of things, but it doesn’t make them smart.


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    @Zach wrote:

    Back to the actual topic.

    Yup. Did your friend at Mammut tell you that Dyneema is actually a trade name for Spectra, and both are aramid fibers? I hope so! Because Spectra is great stuff for certain applications. And it’s still very much in use.

    Spectra works OK for an autoblock, it’s not as good as nylon (Perlon) but it will do OK in a pinch. I’ve used an 8mm spectra sling on 7.5mm twins to back up a rap while untangling the ropes (usually back up my raps, never know when the rope is going to knock something down onto you), even used it to jug a fixed line WITH A HAULBAG after missing a rap station. (That was embarassing and strenuous) While I can see the wisdom in not recommending sub-optimal choices in a lead course, I do think your guide friend probably exaggerated a little bit :-). I would rather have a Spectra autoblock than none at all, in spite of its low melting point. If you’re going fast enough with an autoblock to melt a Spectra sling, you’ll glaze the rope and probably burn the shit out of your hands.

    As far as rings and slings, if you have to rap off a sling, that’s what you do; hell some sport climbers routinely lower off of bolt hangers on overhanging desperates (aka the ‘Texas Rope Trick’). A 3mm radiused bolt hanger is not very forgiving either (but then again, bolt hangers don’t melt easily). Given the option of a larger, more durable radius to run the rope across, I’ll always take it, of course. (Which means that I’ll always use 1″ or 9/16″ tat in preference to an 8mm sling, and I’ll always use rings or a biner if I have one with me)

    But if the only way down is to thread a sling, you cross your fingers, back it up (if possible), send the fat guy down first, and take your chances. At least, that’s what I do, and most of the really experienced climbers I know. Nobody LIKES to risk their ass unnecessarily but not many people like dying of exposure either. And sometimes you run out of biners or gear (d’oh!). Retreating from a big route can get to be a very expensive proposition, or a deadly one. The Seattle guy is glossing over the level of commitment that a 1000m face entails, but I will say that most technical alpine routes I’ve done, um, “discourage” retreat once you’re committed.

    I haven’t seen anything thus far while touring that would force such a choice, but I’ve been forced into it many times on alpine routes and a couple times on walls. So far, I’ve never had to rap directly off of an 8mm sling, and it would certainly be a last resort for me (and anyone I know who has seen another climber splash on rappel). Most of my partners who’ve been climbing for any length of time have seen someone die or get seriously injured as a result of a bad decision, so this is not something I take lightly. But you have to get down and sometimes a rap is all you have.

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    – Posting here from Little Rock, Arkansas… if anyone wants to know what hell is like; it’s negotiating a falling-out of a business partnership between your mother and sister, in Arkansas, while it’s snowing at home 👿 Though, the BBQ is damn fine.

    Anyway, I just got an email from another friend who I posed this question to. Below is his response.. because of who he is, I’ve left his name out. Suffice it to say, he is one of the most respected and accomplished mountain guides in the world, right now, so I would trust his opinion with my life.

    Text of his response:

    Hey Zach,

    Thanks for the note. I was away doing slide shows last week so I’m just catching up on emails.

    The problem with rappelling off of a spectra sling (or any nylon sling) where the rope runs through the sling is that when you pull the rope you will heat up the nylon. It can heat up so hot and fast that you can burn through normal nylon slings. If you never plan to use the sling again that’s probably fine. There is more friction when you pull the rope too making the pull harder to do. If the sling heated up and then the rope got temporarily snagged before you freed it you could expose a part of your rope to a lot of heat. Spectra probably won’t burn though as quickly but it could still get rather hot.

    Two rappel rings would ease the friction making for a smoother pull plus keep the rope away from the sling.

    I have rappelled directly from nylon slings but if it is possible I try to avoid it.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

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    @Zach wrote:

    I have rappelled directly from nylon slings but if it is possible I try to avoid it.

    If you have the time to do so, a classic trick for reducing the friction between a rope and something that might cut it (such as fixed lines running over edges on walls) is to duct tape the hell out of the thing that might cut it.
    I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of this before. Probably because when I’m forced into these type of things, it’s usually on long climbs, and most of the time I have a couple biners with me that get sacrificed. Also cause I’m usually in a hurry if I’m pressed hard enough to rap off of bare slings.

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    Thanks for the follow-up, Zach!

    Your expert’s opinion looks consistent with the general consensus that’s been emerging here. I also like the double-ring trick to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

    Will pray for snow for you in Arkansas.


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    Man… I cant believe I missed a climbing related flame battle… why did yall all have to make peace before I read this thread…. BASTARDS!

    Rico in AZ
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    yo, this post really needs to be hijacked. 🙂

    damn, and by the looks of the subject title i thought this would be some stoopid poll about what rap music we’re all rockin’ in our ipods!

    so i’m thumpin’ ludicris and old skool nwa. how about you guys zach and pbelitz?


    rico I’ll help you out here. the ipod is way too low on my priority list but I do have a mix CD that is playing some old rap: gang starr, outkast (atl ), method, old bustah, DRE, keith murray,….

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    I’ma start packing a 40 instead of my thermos, and drain it on the summit for tha Dead Homie, ODB.


    burn through that shit, beeeeotch.

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    I have an mp3 player with some old 2Live Crew, Eazy-E and Dr Dre on it.

    Eazy-E goes especially well with raps for backups for raps:
    “Gimme dat nut!”

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    Aight playaz, i muthafu@#$ stumbled on this bit#$ on tha prizzolowl fo sum gangsta-a$$ recent east side slizzide photoz. An, you know, bein a homie known fo doin quite a muthaf#$^n bit of rappin, both on stage an on in my native mutha@$n hood, you know, the seee-ierrahhh, I had to chiggity check out what tha f#% was goin on.
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    And if this sh#$ iz inappropriate fo tha site, pleaz let a homie know. Just tryin ta spread sum love, you kno?

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    Can you make a translator script that does that for all posts on here?

    So is this gonna end like one of those old movies where everybody’s about to fight and then they break into some muthaf#$^n gangsta-a$$ song and dance?

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    Dude! Google already has such a service at Click here to see an example!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    @SanFrantastico wrote:

    Dude! Google already has such a service at Click here to see an example!

    Oh my God I love the Internet!!! 😀 😀 😀

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