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    long story short. too much work+not a lot of snow=a few less days out there this year.
    it happens, just happy to be here. really happy to report a worthy day!

    rose is a great area to link quality lines on long tours. Ta Hui calls me and says he wants two chutes out at bronco. after looking at some old photos, i figured we could get in one more on the way out there. this sounds like an ideal day. other than the weather.

    20% chance of isolated showers usually means just a few clouds with some wind, usually.
    Ta Hui topping out on relay ridge. kinda wintery out here

    our first line off of relay ridge to get to bronco.
    crusty on the right, windpack on the left. variable, but pretty easy going.

    first chute out of the way and warmed up. time to move on to the bronco chutes

    cruising out along the ridge above the chutes

    natures art

    scoping out our next line, the first chute is back there just left of the summit on lookers right(relay peak)

    this line is fairly hidden. Ta Hui saw this one on a previous trip to mt houghton. i am fired up to do a line iv’e never even noticed before.

    Ta Hui, dropping

    this one held some decent pow

    from the bottom of this line, it was a steep, quick climb back up for one more.

    this is the last/farthest of the bronco chutes
    Ta hui

    good clean fun

    this had some good snow too. variable winter pow with porn and corn.

    three chutes under our belts and several miles out, it was time to make the long trek back.
    back on relay ridge with bronco chutes back there

    lots of good lines, easy access and high elevation makes rose a great place use your imagination. to come up with a day that you might not have thought of before.
    and thanks again to my longtime backcountry partner, Ta Hui. i needed that!

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    Great tour, you guys always kill it!

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