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    Hello everyone,
    Been reading for a while here and made the jump last fall and bought a used board. Burton S serie 168 with voilé skins and harware. The price was right so it was a nice way to get into it.

    I’m a hardbooter snowboarder so decided to use what I have. I used my RC-10 UPZ boots with burton race bindings. So far so good.

    I have a few questions. I have only been out twice. First time was a 2h ride up Mont Tremblant during a storm. IT went pretty well.

    Yesterday I went to a closed down resort around here and it’s when I ran into trouble. Knee high snow. First run went well. I found the Burton so be so so in deep pow… as it doesn’t have enough taper compared to my Prior khyber normal pow board. That wasn’t the problem.

    Problems came when I re installed the skins for the 2nd run. On steep they started to not stick anymore to the base and I would just slide backwards to a point that they wouldn’t stick at all. I even tried to put them in my jacket but it didn’t change anything.

    There are hooks that attach to the tip of the ski but nothing to the tail, is it normal ?

    One of the skin has a black tape in the middle running from top to bottom of it and the other one doesn’t. The skin with the tape that came off.

    any suggestions ? Thanks a lot for the help


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    Sounds like you need tail clips. Black Diamond and G3 skins come with tail clips. I had to mod my old voile skins with black diamond tail strap with the G3 tail clip. Black Diamond sells the tail strap kit I think for around $20-30 USD. I paid around $20 for the G3 tail clip. I have seen some people get lucky skinning in pow without tail clips, but I would mod your skins. Good luck

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    You may not need tail clips just yet. Some skins come with a centerline of tape to make them easier to pull apart when the glue is fresh. Just remove that strip, expose that glue, and I bet you’ll be good to go for the rest of the season at least.

    If not, regluing the skins is a cheaper (but rather noxious and time consuming) option than buying tail clips and should do the trick as well.

    I have two pairs of skins, one with clips and one without. Both work well with adequate skin glue.

    Welcome and good luck!

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    I haven’t seen the condition of your used skins so they may be spent. If they’re not, a common mistake new splitters do is get their skins wet during transitions. That is the ultimate sin. It doesn’t matter how old your skins are, do not lay them down on the snow. Make sure you take them from your ski to your pack and vice versa, right away. When you set them down, even on a rock or something like that, you take the risk of snow getting kicked onto them.

    Once the glue gets wet your screwed, not a lot you can do then. Taking out the center strip of tape is a good fix. I’ve never liked putting skins in my jacket, I hate having wet cold skins inside my jacket. Plus I don’t think the 10 minutes of riding helps that much. This has been debated before, others believe it does help.

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    You don’t “need” tail clips. I have been riding for 2 years without. Manny others do it as well. As mentioned, don’t get any snow on the skins during transition. It’s hard, especially when it’s snowing and/or windy but doable. If you find it too troublesome – go get clips.
    Putting the skins in the jacket helps with too cold/frozen glue. It won’t help much with drying.
    Also, how do you store skins while riding? Don’t stick them glue to glue, but get something like the G3 Skin Savers –

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    @moridinbg wrote:

    …get something like the G3 Skin Savers –

    …rather get the Love Glove — much easier and quicker to use, especially in windy areas.

    See pictures here on how to use it:

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I already have the mesh type skin protector that came with them. The skins looks in good shape but what do I know !

    I was careful but will try to be extra careful next time with snow getting on the skins.

    I am having fun with my setup. Definitaly good workout. First climb I did was very challenging physically and mentally.

    Thanks again

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    You don’t need tail clips, but it seems stupid to NOT have them when they are a part of most new skins. No tail clip? Voile strap and vole! I ‘ve toured with some who have no tail clip and they always end up having to re work it half way up. if your climbing steeper terrain the skin with no clip has a tendency to rollup and off the ski, and forget about weird side hilling.


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