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    Inspired by my first couple of BC days since the surgery at the Kali party, I finally got out and did my first solo day on the eastside followed by a day at the plateau. Can’t beat this morning view

    had a loose plan to hit up Mt. Walt, so there I went

    saw some interesting things on the way up

    had to cross a river. Fortunately it was a bit easier than the 2 river crossings on the way to Pinner the weekend before!

    Walt in sight, but after getting a little closer, I found a line that is not normally filled in and it needed to be ridden.

    looking across at Walt and some sick looking lines in the distance.

    almost there after scrambling up some somewhat easy 5th class.

    follow the boot pack to twin lakes

    the final destination lies at the top of this

    Mt Walt

    nearby lines


    the Sawtooths

    on the way to my next days line

    The Dana Plateau

    Justin at the top of V Bowl for the first time

    love this shot

    wanted 3rd Pillar, but time was running short and the skin track was already in progress. Coke chute it is.

    time’s up and the snow isn’t bad.

    a little video of both days.

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    nice work dude! there’s something cool about big solo days….

    love the tree part of the video (and the music of course). now i’m inspired to go install my damn engine so i can snowboard too!

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    right on, good stuff :thumpsup: :thumpsup:

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    nice TR man. Dana plateau is such a cool place.

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