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    Didn’t Feel like going out of town this weekend so the Family and I set out Sunday Morning for some Wakeboarding,our family passion.

    We knew it would be crowded and they limit the number of boats to 100 so we parked the boat in line on saturday night and went home to rest.

    The alarm rang at 4:30 and we moaned and groaned but we all gathered at the car. After a 10 minute drive and a stop by the doughnut shop we were in the dock line.

    Boat # 8 t0 hit the water we enjoyed the calm before the crowd arrived

    Getting up early has advantages

    It was time to Hit the water and Molly was up first. She wanted to hit the Morning Glass but it was a little chilly.

    But 79 degree water isnt too bad so in she went

    It wasnt long before frowns turned to smiles Molly cutting glass

    Next up was my Daughter Jenny.

    She doesnt usually get up this early

    Again it was Glass

    Jenny gets some air

    And some backlight

    After Jenny it was Mom’s turn. ……. My Wife Anna……………………….

    Ready to tow

    And up

    Another Glass Cutter

    It was Ladies Day in the Boat

    A Shot of the Lake. 8am 9-03-06

    Artsy Shot

    Molly takes her flag duty serious

    And finally it was Pops turn

    Old Man Lauching

    Old man air

    Motocross style

    And one last time.. Ill be sore all week….

    A Great Time With My Family 8)

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    Right on, mang! With riding like that I bet the other boats thought those young chicas were part of your harem, not daughters. 😀 Way to do cool shit with the fam. Definelty an inspiration. :thatrocks:

    My girls love being outside but are still too young to “participate”. I can’t wait for the day when their telling me to “hurry up” or “just do it, dad. Don’t be a puss”.

    So, do you live up to your name while with your girls? :mrgreen:

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    How great is this…perfect summer interlude TR. Really great you’re able to get the wife into it….mine tried once & fell & said uh-uh.

    Sounds of elk bugling in the mtns & the 1st tinges of snow on the very top….the change is near.

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    Sweeeet TR-Brings back some good memories…thanks to you, I want to buy a boat now.

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    Finally, some new reading material. I thought I was going to have to post a TR of crappy Montara shorebreak out of desparation…

    Looks like fun. You should get one of these:

    Oh, too late – it is already off the market:

    CPSC staff is aware of 39 injury incidents with 29 of those resulting in medical treatment. Those injuries include a broken neck, punctured lung, chest and back injuries and facial injuries. Sportsstuff has received reports of two deaths in the United States and a variety of serious injuries. Sportsstuff has been unable to determine the cause of the incidents. Nevertheless, the company has withdrawn the kite tube from the market and is undertaking this voluntary recall out of an abundance of caution.

    Incredibly hazardous!!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    As soon as those came out, signs went up every where I boat. NO TUBING DEVICES SHALL LEAVE THE WATERS SURFACE. Seems they are carnage causers

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    As soon as those came out, signs went up every where I boat. NO TUBING DEVICES SHALL LEAVE THE WATERS SURFACE. Seems they are carnage causers And Wysplit, you and CiCi are naturals. You need a boat

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    Damn I miss wakeboarding, just not the end of the month gas bill. Tough to beat the early morning glass and good times with friends and family.

    Edited to add some video stoke.

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