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    Preface: by Kyle Miller, jimw, treepilotca, etc. TR standards this is a yawner, more like dog days of summer turns, so if you’re looking for epic move along.

    Not on here much these days due to lack of focus/’work’/projects/lack of friends/whatever. Without fail if there’s epic snow/surf/whatever on the way something will conspire to keep me from it. Born to lose. Figured I’d throw up a quick TR when my mind is thinking splitboard though.

    So, St. Helens. This year has been fuxxored for me + snow. If it’s been good, I’ve been gone, and if I’ve been gone it’s been good…of course that was December then the dry spell hit us. Up til this TR hadn’t been much action in the hills really.

    St. Helens has a special place for me. As a young kid in WA remember feeling the small tremors at night and watching the news about the impending explosion. We had to walk around outside with washcloths on our face to keep ash out of our eyes, and my dad and his crew were some of the first people up there post-blast, running SAR. One day I need to get all of his pics of the ash cloud, etc. scanned in, for now all I have is this one.

    Last summer did a midnight climb there. Pretty boring outside of the sunrise from the summit, swore I’d never do it again unless it was winter.

    Welp, it was winter, it was time.

    Did pretty much the standard winter route, didn’t go on the worm flows there on the far right.

    Touring partner Ben there. And his backside below. Yeah, didn’t really take many exciting shots, but DAMN was it a beautiful day.

    All the peaks were lenticular capped.

    It was a bit firm on some aspects

    But was soft and fun as hell for the most part

    Next time…

    First turns of the year, on a bluebird day with a good friend had me feeling like this

    Was hoping to keep the feeling going and hit the epicness of last week/weekend but ended up bringing a knife to a garlic fight and losing. On the injured reserve for 2 weeks hoping that it ends up taking so I don’t need a skin graft (yeah, srsly, WTF!?!?!) :nononno:

    Anyways, hope y’all keep getting after it! May see some of you at Baker Splitfest if I renegotiate a few days….

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    dude, that “not epic” warning has kept a lot of folk from looking at your gory finger. They’re missing out. Did it take? Skin graft? Rub some dirt on it and get back out there 😉

    Nice trip. Looks fun. :thumpsup:

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    From my ‘only played doctor a few times drunk in college’ opinion I’m gonna say it looks like it’s gonna be all good. We’ll see on Monday though, and yeah skin graft was what they said might be needed due to the extent of the cut! WTF. Not a cheap proposition for someone w/o health insurance. Looking waaaay better so I think that won’t be necessary.

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    Ouch bigdood – nasty cut! That’s pretty cool about your dad and the work he did after the blast. I’d love to get up that way in a month or so – St Helens is looking good!

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    Looks like you had a nice day. I have sliced the tips of my fingers fairly deep twice this winter so I feel your pain. A ton of nerves in there. Nothing heals like shoving a gauze/blood filled bandage into a glove for the sake of snowboarding though.

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