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    I ended up picking up some older Bent Metal bindins off of ebay for pretty cheap, about $60. I was using my burton missions and switching back and forth between my resort board and my split board. This was a pain and I wanted something cheap and light that I could leave on my splitboard.

    I don’t have a scale but the bent metal bindins are noticably lighter than my ’05 burton missions. They also feel much stiffer. I don’t know if my missions are getting old or something but they seem to be flexing quite a bit at the base and I don’t get any of that from the BM bindings.

    I also really like how the forward lean is done on the BM bindins. It’s extremely simple and very fast to change. It’s a chunk of polyurethane mounted off center on the high back. All you have to do is spin it to change to 1 of your 4 different choices for forward lean. Some might say this is limited adjustment but I find that it works out really well. I set it to no forward lean on the way up and then spin the block for max forward lean on the way down.

    The only negative I have found is that the straps are no where near as comfortable as the ones on my mission. There’s a whole lot less padding and it causes pressure points on my feet when I set them really tight. I’m using last years Northwave Legend boots. I think I’m going to look into using different straps but so far it hasn’t really been that much of an issue. I just tighten them until it hurts and them back them off a notch or two.

    from the ebay ad:

    mounted up on my voile:

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