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    Yet another Adams/Hood TR. Anyone getting sick of these yet? I know I am. Just kidding, seriously I could never get enough of these mtns! I have some newfound respect for the PNW folks. You definitely have some amazing mtns (i knew this but had never experienced it 1st hand till now) and I hope to make many more trips to sample the goods in this area.

    So two weekends ago I made the trip up with Tex and Sanfrantastico, hoping to get Adams done, but it wasnt meant to be. At some point I got an idea, I thought if the weather looked good I would return and try again. So thursday came along and i figured well I better decide now or the opportunity is going to slip by. After a couple last minute calls it was done and i was locked in to return to portland fri eve. This time the weather looked golden, summery and sunny the whole time.

    Please pardon the lack of riding shots as this was another solo trip. I do have to say though it seems Adams is quite a popular summer climb – at least along the south route – and you are not quite really alone at all.

    Starting before sunrise I took a stroll thru the lot/campground looking for a familiar face, none seen I headed slowly up. The 1st time around with tex and sf were overnighting but this time I planned to go in 1 day, so hiking with the light pack was a relief. Started just before sunrise, and surprisingly this time of year in the PNW it gets light early!

    another volcano, which one is this? kilimanjaro?

    soon the bodies were piling up on the trail like the rocks on this post, which was probably buried in snow not more than a couple weeks back!

    it was shaping up to be a fine day. clear blue skies just me and about 500 other friendly hikers, skiers, and riders. strangely i didnt see any other splitters. now i know they were out there but i just didnt see them 8)

    the mellow route up the south side is pretty straightforward, just get in line and follow the bodies or the bootpack, up and up and up and up some more. it seemed like it was never gonna end.

    finally you make it to the false summit, and the entrance to the sw chute is right there. i was a bit tempted to call it a day and ride down but i did finally motivate to push on to the summit. the climbing was easy but the snow ahead looked pretty poor. i figured WTF i had come this far why not finish it.

    finally after playing around on the summit for a while and meeting all kinds of cool people it was time to get movin. it was cold up there.

    so i dont actually have any shots while riding down the sw side b/c i pretty much rode it out as much as one could. the bottom half of the thing was very suncupped and it seemes like everyone was hiking over some rocks to a face with some better snow, so i went that way too. after a solid hour of riding it was finally done. man it felt good to ride that. im very jealous of you folks that got this thing in good shape all the way down, you are lucky! still i was stoked and it was my 1st real washington summit experience, as well as an amazing run in july. there was a lot of traffic on the south climb but when i rode down i was alone. it felt good.

    looking back on the days work…

    soon i hit the around the mtn trail which hooked up with the cold springs trail and back to the car. i can see when there is more snow how easy it would be to just get carried away and continue riding and get a bit off route. also it would suck to be in that area with poor vis. anyway i was completely worked and dying to get back to my car.

    one final look back at an amazing mtn. so happy to have experienced adams! then it was off to hood river town for some food!

    the bridge is so cool, the columbia seperates the two states like two seperate worlds but the bridge, skinnly little thing, is all that connects them. zzzzzzzzzz.

    where i come from we dont have anything quite like this. i really wanted to go play in the water but its cold.

    so after a full 12 hr nap i had planned to just enjoy the day chilling and being a tourist in oregon. i figured i would drive out to hood and figure out all the approaches so i would know what to do when i return. anyway i ended up hiking up the 1st place i checked out and making a day out of it. what the heck one more day, some oregon turns were in order.

    drove up to cloud cap and hiked the snowdome for some afternoon fun.

    looking back over at adams, a big fire was kicking up. it looked pretty surreal.

    anyway the riding on hood was good the snow on snowdome was still in shape and it did satisfy. so now this is it for real…till next season. the end.


    Right on, lots of sweet pictures and good write-up.


    Nice! Glad you got some good Washington weather. Was the fire going while you were on Adams at all? Or did it start after you were done?


    that fire is crankin’ good!

    how long is that sw chute on adams? looks long

    Kyle Miller

    They call the SW chutes the 3 fingers because there are 3 that go for over 3,000 vert at over a 30 dgree pitch. Congrads on Nailing Adams/hood and welcome once again to the PNW.

    The sun may rise early right now but in December it is Dark at 4 p.m.


    Nice TR and photos. Glad you got to experience some good Oregon riding in July. I’ll be heading up to the Snowdome in a few days and am looking forward to the Langille Bowls!


    Cool fire shots!!


    Cool, Dave. I’m glad you found the summit finally. He’re are some pics from the previous weekend, when we didn’t manage to get all the way up there.

    TEX, styling.

    Some kind of thing. Yeah, I would keep off it.

    It was windy and misty when pulled up.

    It was overcast and thundering in the morning so we slept in. No worries, we weren’t planning a big climb for the day.

    Great to be back on the splitboots again.

    A view of the south ridge that we were supposed to be climbing:

    Just a minor setback, really.

    TEX, thankful to be on the right track again.

    We found some excellently sheltered positions at 8000′ and set up for the night. We made radio contact with fullers2oh, who was arriving behind us. Then we took off on a quick climb to get some riding in.

    We rode from about 9000′ and dropped past the camp to meet up with Dave at around 7500′. The snow was creamy & really fun.

    Happy July 4th!

    We made plans to wake up at 5AM and go for the summit. The wind was blowing at around 40mph. In the morning the wind was gone, but it was raining and whited out. We hung around until 9AM and only saw one little gap in the weather. We broke camp and left our packs behind for a quick jog back up to 9000′. The upper mountain was socked in and all the climbers were starting to bail. We again got really fun snow to the bottom. No pics – my camera was in a plastic bag in the middle of my pack. Here’s a sweet little drying session about 24 hours and a whole ‘nother weather zone away:

    Oh yeah – I was really stoked to meet Mr. snoslut in the parking lot on the way down. Thanks for your pacific northwest hospitality! He was getting burned by the weather, himself. It was a really long weekend, but fun. Happy birthday, America.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    SanFran, Fullers…great to finally meet ya. Nice seeing ya again Tex.

    Bummer about the weather window but way to make the most of it. Sometimes Miss Adams likes to bare all. Sometimes she wears a knee high skirt. Tease!

    Fullers, we rolled in way too late. Didn’t start hiking till 7ish. Rangers evacuating Sunday morning for the fire that is 98% contained as of yesterday.

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