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    Red Slate Coulior, Eastern Sierra, CA. 6.14- 6.15.2008

    I had been dreaming of Red Slate for a while now, ever since I 1st laid eyes on it. A year ago atop Bloody Mtn. one fine day in April, 2007 I stood there looking at the view of Red Slate from the peak and was amazed at that line. It just calls out to you like a siren. That summer I hiked convict canyon in late July and when I got back to lakes back there I could see even in that bad snow year, Red Slate still held snow late into the summer. Of course then it would probably be a nice ice climb.

    Well having thoughts about the season being over in the Sierra I wanted it to end on a good note. I could have just ended it with last weekends amazing adventure to Mt. Powell but like a junkie I had to have one more fix. So since I hardly unpacked from the last weekend I just threw together some stuff and headed up. Got a really late start on sat which was kind of a mistake, it was super hot hiking up the canyon. Summer is in full swing down there at convict lake and the hikers were mildly entertaining. How many times can one endure the question “are you going snowboarding?” without making some wiseass comment.

    When hiking the summer trail under Laurel you get a nice view up the canyon. Lookng back to the weekends goal.

    rock art – the canyon walls have all kinds of crazy patterns in them.

    Anyway I had planned to hike and make camp at Constance lake but only ended up making it to the back of the field past mildred lake, which was way low and short of my goal. Found a comfy grass patch next to a stream and setup camp.

    Mildred lake

    The moon came out and it was quite a nice night. Sunday morn I snoozed way past my planned alpine start time and with a long slog ahead got moving.

    Finally at about 10 am the coulior comes into sight!

    It looked like it was in good shape with no debris at the bottom, no suncups, and no runnels. About another hour and I was finally on the apron. This is one amazing coulior.

    The views out to the lakes were not bad. Its wild to see how many lakes are up there in this one huge basin.

    I hate to say something like “this is the end” because I never want it to end but it has to at some point….so until next season….

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    Damn work blocks the photo server. Somebody tell me…Did Dave Make it up the couloir? The suspense is killing me

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    hey tex so sorry photobucket is blocked. dont they know important work stuff is on that site?

    well i didnt summit but did make it up the main coulior no prob… until some nice ice stopped my progress near the top, plus it was about 2:30 when i turned around. oh i forgot to mention earlier i didnt get back to my truck until almost 11pm.

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    So you got back to your truck at 11pm on sunday night. Did you make it to work on monday…and what time did you start work?

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    Sweet, Dave. I love that first shot of Red Slate in the distance. I don’t think anyone could see that line without salivating. Does this mean No to Adams??

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    @fullers2oh wrote:

    Well having thoughts about the season being over in the Sierra I wanted it to end on a good note. ..

    Mission Accomplished!

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    Read Closer Storn, He says the SIERRA season is over. He is planning on a more northern assault route

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    fuck yeah!

    nice to see the snow was decent to reward your slog.

    i really don’t know how you pull off those long days AND THEN drive to socal.

    i have a tear in my eye thinking of the season being over. what a season it was. probably my best so far (powell was probably some of the best bc snow ive had. in june, lol.)

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    Dave? Dave??? Until next season?? I don’t believe you! You are gonna go back to the eastern Sierra next weekend! I know it, I just know it! 😉

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    Dave, I just wanna say… you suck!


    Way to git ‘er done! That one remains on my list…

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    wow, that must have been a LOT of walking this time of year but at least it was to bag one of the coolest lines in the sierra. nice job

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    @gimpy wrote:

    wow, that must have been a LOT of walking this time of year

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    Very Nice…looks like the Memorial weekend precip may have smoothed things out for a June drop. BRAVO!

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