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    So, it’s been a pretty tough year for us in California. One day in October it snowed 8 feet, and everything was instantly filled in 1 month before the season typically starts. Since then, I’ve been able to find pow every single day I’ve strapped my snowboard to my feet.

    After 5 ½ months of endless pow, I’ve been really looking forward to the spring. For many, the ski season doesn’t even start until April 1st.
    For others, the spring is a time to step it up. A time to hit all those steep, exposed lines we were too afraid to hit in powder. A time to hit all those remote peaks that are just too hard to access in winter.

    Long days, easy access, stable snowpack, consistent conditions, sunshine, and everyone is in great shape from breaking trail all winter.

    I, for one, welcome spring.

    And today I set out, hoping to find some sweet spring corn. And I found it. Leaving the car at 8am I found the snow to be softening already. With perfect snow for skinning I made quick work of a bunch of elevation, and found even BETTER corn as I neared the top of the Dana Plateau. After some shenanigans due to an overhanging windlip, I topped out on the Plateau, figuring the Powerhouse Chutes would be PRIME corn by the time I got over there.
    When I arrived, that area was in the sun and looked good. I hoped the snow would be similar to what I just skinned up (slightly different aspect). I threw a few rocks. It was soft! So I dropped in, expecting to find that sweet, sweet corn that we East-Siders dream about.

    Instead, I found 2000 feet of fluffy, dry powder! (Followed by another 2000 feet of mank that we won’t discuss here)

    When will the madness end!?!?!?

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    Nice! You’re getting all kinds of good lines this year. Those Dana Plateau chutes are on my list this year… just wish it wasn’t such a haul from SC. Glad you were able to hit them in primo conditions! Any bets on when 120 opens through Tioga Pass?

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    God damn! I can’t believe how filled in Powerhouse is. I barely recognized it in your picture. That line is quite a bit steeper than it appears in your picture too. Way to get after it BCD.

    If you’re just now starting to step it up with the onset of Spring, I can’t imagine what kind of shit you’ll be doing in the near future- Mendel? Split Mountain?

    Thanks for the stoke, I can’t wait to get down there this weekend.

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    I could totally climb that with my MSR snowshoes. 😉

    ps. bcd…check yer PMs.

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    For some reason, I cannot view any of bcd’s photos…other photos are fine, just his are a no-show. Could it be an issue with my firewall at here at work?


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    yeah…most likely. same thing happens to me from time to time. try from another ip address later. (his pics are worth seeing :mrgreen: )

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    @bcd wrote:

    So, it’s been a pretty tough year for us in California. One day in October it snowed 8 feet, and everything was instantly filled in 1 month before the season typically starts.

    Yeah, bcd, rough season in California to say the least. Tough skiing windbuff in early November for a birthday outing. I had a hard time as well after the January storms left 20 feet of new snow in the high country allowing me hit lines rarely open.

    I am wondering how we will get by with a spring season that will likely last well into summer?

    Oh, pitty for us California folk who will have 7,000 feet of corn to ski down on the northern slopes of Shasta on July 4 weekend.

    Nice photo, nice turns.

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    cali rules – no reason to go anywhere else.

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