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    I think the only way to get from the Canyons to bcc/lcc is via car or several hour skin up/ride down (add another hour or 2 to get to LCC). No UTA bus service, although there might a Canyon Transport shuttle van going from the Canyons to the BCC and LCC resorts. Easiest will be to rent a car. It is an hour or so drive to the top of either canyon.

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    is there anyone interested in going from park city to tour on sunday?

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    Affix, not the easiest thing to do. There is a company at that goes from the canyons to brighton for 36 round trip but it is a shared ride that leaves the canyons at 8 and takes you back at 4. That would put you at brighton around 9am. Any trans company would pick you up in a van and take you to the other canyons but Big $, like maybe 90 for mandatory round trip. The most workable solution, other than a P.C. local volunteering would be to take an early 6 or 7 am shuttle like “park city transportation” or “all resort transportation” that is a shared ride to the airport and have them drop you off at the UTA bus stop at 3900 south and wasatch Blvd where you can grab a bus ride up the canyons for 3 bucks. The van would probably cost 20 to 25 depending on their mood.
    You can ride off the backside of park city or the canyons and get to big cottonwood easy but it would not get you there very early and may be a bit disorienting if it is snowing/cloudy which looks like the case that weekend. I’d try to find a space at the lodge for fri/sat.

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    I don’t think Im going to be able to make Friday night. Are there plans for Sat night? I could lead a tour for dog folks on Sunday.

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    By the way, to Affix, I don’t know that I would reccommend touring from the Canyons to BCC by yourself or without a local. It’s definitely very doable, but you could also get lost pretty easily and end up in Mill Creek Canyon – which would make you ah, very late.

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    Alright folks i know this is last minute but i was waiting for some things to pan out. I’m going to the split fest leaving the bay area on thursday/early friday and return sunday after all is done, anyone interested in driving there let me know i can take 1 or 2 people plus gear in my luxurious sable, no need for gas money just some company and maybe an ipod to add to the mix. if your interested PM with your contact info, and best time to call you. If you feel creative throw in a short quip on why you’d be a good road dog, i’m willing to make stops to pick up on the way there if someone from the sac, tahoe, or reno area is interested in going as well. BTW i’m staying at the mountain lodge if it makes a difference.

    Jon Dahl
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    How about shooting us an address for the mountain club so we can mapquest up ourselves a map and directions to the place. I am assuming it is on the Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, out of SLC, but you know what they say about the word assume!

    dj barney
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    The Wasatch Mountain club is on Brighton Resort Property. The Resort is located at the very end of BCC.


    We’ve been getting HAMMERED with snow, and it will be continuing the entire weekend! Wasatch Pow for everyone!!!! 😀

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    I’m not a local, but it looks like avy conditions will be a real concern this weekend. All the more reason to hook up with locals for touring. Be alert.

    Avy advisory:

    Accident last weekend:,05-06/Taylor%20Canyon,%203-12-06/AccidentReport,%20Taylor%20Canyon,%203-12-06.htm

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    I’m not familiar with where the Canyons are but I’m sure we can figure out a way to come get you affix. Check yer PMs.

    @affix snow wrote:

    So ill be staying in “The Canyons Resort” which is Park City i beleive….

    Is there a bus that will get me into LCC or BCC!?

    How the hell am i gonna do this?

    Any help would be great as i have no fucking clue!

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    i am leaving friday for slc we have a car but i do not think i can use it all weekend. it would be possible to get it for sunday though. i am staying in the park city area if anyone is interested in driving to wmc brighton sun bright and early gimme a shout

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    YES!!!! The wait is finally over!! 😈

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