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    dj barney
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    They’ve repaired the plumbing, so we now have running water, and showers.

    There is still space available at the lodge, so email me or phone Voile (801) 973-8622 to make your reservation, we have about 10 spots left. Cost is $50.00 total for the 2 nights together.

    Greetings like-minded split fanatics! Yes we’re having the Splitboard Festival again, and we’re excited about bringing it back to the Wasatch this year. We will have numerous sponsors this year, with and Voile already in on it. Watch for new details and new sponsors being updated here.

    The dates are March 17-19, and we will be having a program both Friday and Saturday evenings, beginning at 7PM bith nights. SLC is located within a 20-30 minute drive from SLC, so there are an infinite number of motels to select from for lodging. Winter camping is also available in BCC at the Spruces Campground, but reservations must be made in advance.

    There will be a program for Friday and Saturday evening including avy info, home brew films, the history and future of splitboarding, food, drink, and a generous gear raffle. There will be industry folks there to chat with and of course there will be SPLITBOARDING!

    There is no fee for the event, as this is all about the riding!


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    Yippee. 😀 😀 😀

    Been waiting for the announcement. I’m just glad it’s not in February, so maybe I can make it out there for the festivities.

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    I just might make that. Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll let ya know. 8)

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    Sweeet!! I needed an excuse to make it down to your neck of the woods. Reservations for camping? Is there a fee for camping there? Now let’s see some wasatch stoke from you Utah boys.


    What is this Slitboarding you speak of? 😉

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    @dj barney wrote:



    thanks for all your hard work on this DJ! 8)

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    sounds like a blast DJ glad to see it back in the Wastach oh I mean Wasatch

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    wow. that miraculously lines up with my spring break, so I can probably make it. cool.

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    Thanks for the info, count me in for a tour at least one of the days (may have to work on Saturday).

    The Powderkeg is that same weekend, probably a good idea to line up some of the faster splitters to compete. I heard a splitter placed in the top 10 of the race division at whistler (9th) + you get to ride Alta inbounds during the season! Not to mention making a statement about snowboarding at alta. I’d personally like to see the Albion basin side opened to boarding, makes sense given the terrain.

    Thanks to DJBarney and the Voile crew for getting this together!

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    Not to be disrespectful, but on the subject of riding Alta, I say GO TO HELL ALTA AND TAOS. Why is alta considering letting snowboarders in? Simple economics. Skiing populations are getting smaller while snowboard useage is on the increase. These two resorts have made it a point to keep up out, now they want our money. Bullshit. Why so hostile ? Easy Alta and Taos dont own the land their lifts sit on . WE Do .Its national forest property and I dont understand how the goverment can restrict snowboarders from a resort operating under a permit from the forest service. I have spoken to the director of the national forest that Taos about restricting people from public land and he said that the forest service in that area had determined that skiers and snowboarders were incompatable???? Guess they have never been to anglefire right down the road. So what Im saying is boycott anything to do with alta or taos …forever.

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    Can someone copy this to the events forum and/or make it sticky? It would make it easier to find.

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    are any of the sw montana people going down? it is during our spring break and would love to care pool.

    affix snow
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    I will actually be out there…. 😯 deep breath. I never even thought about this cause im an east coaster and NEVER thought this would line up.

    My Girlfirends father (a doctor) is taking her and i out March 15-19. We are staying at the Canyons, but ill have a car!!! Ive been told that if have no obligation to stick to with them at the resorts, but thought that was my only option….. 😈

    OK. Now i need to get in better shape! Guess i should start paying attention now too….

    Sorry i sound like a little girl about to go see New Kids on the Block. 🙄

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    Thanks DJ for your work…I am planning on coming down for the event! Looks like it would be worth staying in the lodge. Will Pm soon. Working on the Kitchen Pass.

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    HOLY SHIT affix snow is bringing the New Kids on the block? I thought they broke up. What a weekend, backcountry and new kids , I think Im gonna wet my pants

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    I would love to post some Utah stoke. If someone could explain in the simplest of terms for someone who has a slow as constipated sh** computer and no clue how to use it, how to down load pictures. All the info I have been given is just paste html and your momma to the back and you will be cool. Look their are still some of us who do not have cell phones and don’t know what the hell you are talking about. So break it down my friends and I would love to post TR’s from 2 years and beyond. DJ, Wow and the other’s would make your trip to UT so unbelievably worth while I can not tell you how sick the Wasatch is. And to tell you the truth because this is a small website, coming from Cali, the place you want to live is Utah, it is the most unbelievable place to live. I truly do not want you to know this. So if you could, teachers out there please give me a step by step in simple, simple terms how to download pictures, I will do my best to fill your dreams with the sickest pow, pow that come March you will do whatever it takes to make it here for the sickest spitfest ever, yah, yah. Also, Alta is only sick pre or post season no one would wan’ t to ride that resort anyways, especially when you have Snowbird next door. All resorts suck in some way, and in terms of riding the tram comes next to nothing so screw Alta I would never give them my money even if they blessed me with the opportunity to ride their. In the backcounty every one is equal, and everyone watches everyone elses back.

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    What the hell this should be front and center, so all you mo fo’s can read it and help me out.

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    Anyone out there headed down from Logan, Utah, area? I have no car. I’m coming out from a yurt trip that friday, but would love to get down, get down, for the weekend. Might have to stick out the thumb and camp in tha canyon.
    See ya’ll there one way or another.


    Looks like i’ll be able to make it down there this year. I’m trying to find some one to car pool with, so SW montanans let me know.

    karma surf
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    Just spoke with John Griber yesterday at the OR show in SLC. He popped into the Voile booth and was checking out the 61 Gun. A very humble cool guy. He had just come back from his fourth trip to the Himalayas this year, and had gotten above 26,000 ft.

    I filled him in on the Splitfest and on scrubfest, and he’s very interested in attending both! He’s a busy guy, so there’s no promises, but he very well might make one or both of the events. There is a possibility of him doing a slide show at Splitfest, we’ll see how it all pans out! 8)

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    That would be sweet karmasurf. Griber is a stud.

    Did ya tell him about

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